How To Mute Sound In Instagram Stories? Explained

Instagram users are annoyed as they cannot mute the sound in their Instagram stories. They are flooding Twitter with the question know how to mute the sound on Instagram Stories but the former photo-sharing app has not addressed the concerns yet. Here is everything you need to know about why the mute option in Instagram stories is not working and how to mute the sound in Instagram stories. Keep reading to get all the details.

Instagram users are once again disappointed as they are unable to mute the sound in Instagram stories. It is not the first time Instagram users have shown disappointment over any Instagram update. Earlier the changes like bigger posts and recommendations from people you don’t follow on feeds were a few changes that didn’t go down with the Instagrammers.

After the first quarter of this month, Instagram’s CEO revealed that they are paying more attention to video and mobile content and will come up with some new features soon. However, we have not seen any positive development in terms of video and mobile content as of now. The users rather express their displeasure about the recurring glitches of Instagram.

Currently, the users are talking about how Instagram is not allowing them to mute the sound of stories. Here we have gathered all the available information about this issue.

Is There Any Way To Mute Sound In Instagram Stories?

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Frustration among Instagram users is growing as the Sound off feature from Instagram stories has suddenly disappeared. The users are forced to listen to the sound from the Instagram stories that they have found annoying.

The users started reporting the issue on Wednesday (September 7), and the problem doesn’t seem to be fixed as of today Thursday (September 8). As of writing, there is no information about whether this is a glitch or it is a new update from Instagram. Well, whatever it is, glitch or update, users are not really happy about it.

Normally the mute option worked well while watching Instagram stories. All you had to do was flip the mute switch on your phone and a message would pop up saying ‘silent mode’. Following this, the stories would keep playing without sound so that the players would watch the stories at peace even at their workplaces and in public as well. Nonetheless, the option has now stopped working.

Sound Won’t Turn Off On Instagram Stories

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The annoyed users have expressed their displeasure over the removal of this useful feature and demanded the authorities to add this feature back.

Here is how users have talked about the feature on Twitter:

One person wrote, “Why are Instagram stories automatically playing sound. Please no. I want to watch videos in silent”.

Another added, “Keep muting @Instagram but the sound automatically keeps playing?? Anyone else have this issue or know how to fix it please?

“Why is the sound on my Instagram stories turned on all of a sudden? Im so annoyed”, revealed one.

“Can someone explain why it seems like you can’t turn the sound off on Instagram stories now? What am I doing wrong”, wrote another.

Despite several concerns of the users over this glitch, Instagram has not talked about it yet. Some users believe that it is a glitch and should be resolved while others fear it to be a new update. Whether it is a glitch or a new feature, it didn’t go down with the users.

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The Last Words

This was all about the trending error from Instagram. We just hope that Instagram will respond to it soon. Until Instagram responds to it, there is not any permanent fix for this annoying glitch.

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