How To Take Naughty Or Nice Quiz On TikTok? Explained

The latest quiz to take over the foryou page of TikTok is the ‘Naughty Or Nice Quiz’ and users are wondering to know how to take it on the video-sharing app. If you are among these TikTok users who are aspiring to be part of this quiz, here is what the Naughty Or Nice Quiz is all about and how to take it on the video-sharing app TikTok.

Besides the dance trends and challenges, TikTok quizzes are also a thing. Ever since the video-sharing app is launched, we have witnessed thousands of quizzes going viral on the platform. Most of these quizzes are created for fun purposes thus even celebrities are seen taking part in them.

From enabling you to find your celebrity parents to let you know what your partner thinks of you, hundreds of quizzes have gone viral on the ByteDance-owned video-sharing app.

Adding to the list of viral quizzes of TikTok, the Naughty Or Nice Quiz has also made its path toward the video-sharing app. This quiz is all about gearing up people for Christmas as the Halloween season is near the end.

So, what is the Naughty Or Nice Quiz on TikTok, and how to take it? Here is all you need to know!

Where To Find TikTok Naughty Or Nice Quiz

Image Of Where To Find TikTok Naughty Or Nice Quiz

If you are a TikTok user who is looking for this quiz, let us make it clear to you that this actually doesn’t exist on TikTok itself. It is rather a test-like game that is available on North Pole Times.

In order to find the Naughty Or Nice Quiz you will have to open the website ‘The North Poles Times”. This website has a variety of games that you can play during your leisure time to have fun.

Once you open the website, you will find the menu bar, simply tap on the game’s option to find the Naughty or Nice quiz, you can also search for the quiz in the search bar located on the site.

You will find this quiz under the name, “Santa’s Naughty or Nice List”. Once you find the game, tap on it then you will find a tab to enter your name into it. After entering your name, hit the ‘Check List’ button located right under the name tab.

As you hit the ‘Check List’ option you will find your answer automatically. It will either tell you, you are nice or naughty alongside the reason. As I attempted the quiz, I was on the list of nice ones. It also gave me an explanation saying “Nice most of the time. Could improve on behavior at times though. Picking up around the house could use some work too.”

Once you take the test, you can share a screenshot of the screen recording of the quiz to your TikTok handle. There are several other games available on the North Pole Times’ website for you to have fun. Some of the most popular games from this site are The Reindeer Games, Christmas Catcher, and Christmas Breaker.

Naughty Or Nice Quiz TikTok

Image Of Naughty Or Nice Quiz TikTok

Hundreds and thousands of TikTok users have taken the quiz thus the Naughty Or Nice Quiz is now making rounds on the internet.

Users are sharing the funny replies they are getting from the quiz. A TikTok user who shared the quiz results on the video-sharing app wrote, “I am officially in the nice list of Santa. Santa thinks I should work on picking up clothes and around the house and is also suggesting me not to shove the clothes under the bed, well this is funny”.

Another user said they also made it to the list of Santa’s nice people but they need to get to bed on time more often”.

Most of the users are making it to the list of nice people and there are a few who are titled naughty. Seems like, Santa wants everyone to be on the list of nice people.

Besides the Naughty Or Nice Quiz TikTok users also take several other quizzes on this website. These also can help you create unique content.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Naughty or Nice quiz is all about and how to take it on the video-sharing app TikTok. Have you taken part in the quiz? If yes, share the results in the comment box provided below.

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