How To Use Dall.E Mini — The New AI Image Generator

Twitter users are sharing some odd-looking image grids that are created using an AI image generator ‘Dall.E Mini’, here is how to use this viral image generator.

A new day on social media and we are getting to see another weird tool! Well, this is quite common for social media users to come up with new ideas, tools, and equipment to amaze their fellow users. The brainy heads always put up things on their social handles that drop the jaws of so many of us.

Currently, social media users, especially Twitter users are going crazy about an AI image generator titled ‘Dall.E Mini’. The software lets you witness some bizarre creations and we cannot get over it.

Social media users are getting behind this software ‘Dall.E Mini’ and are trying to come up with new images.

However, there also are a few users who are curious to know more about the functionality of Dall.E Mini and how to use it online. To help all such social media users, here we have broken down everything about the AI image generator ‘Dall.E Mini’.

What Is Dall.E Mini?

Image Of What Is Dall.E Mini

Dall.E Mini is a new tool that is currently taking over the internet. It uses artificial intelligence to create a series of images that you may have not witnessed earlier. It gives you images based on the prompts that users enter into it.

The photo generator visualizes your random bizarre concepts into a photo grid format. This AI image generator is based on the OpenAI devised software GPT-3 and it was first developed in the year 2021.

As far as the name of this weird AI generator is concerned, it is referred to the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and the loveable robot Wall.E.

Although it existed online since 2021, users have just started getting behind it and it is getting traction online. Thousands of social media users have already used this incredible AI image generator to shape their weird thoughts and concepts.

If you also are eyeing creating an AI image using Dall.E Mini, we have provided the details in the next paragraph.

How To Use Dall.E Mini?

Image Of How To Use Dall.E Mini

To be able to use Dall.E Mini, you will first be required to visit the official website of Dall.E Mini. You will find the site on the website ‘Hugging Face’. On the Hugging Face website, you will visit the spaces >

As you open the page of ‘Dall.E Mini’ in the spaces, you will be asked to type a prompt of your own choice.

You can select anything. Literally anything! From people to art styles, characters or scenarios, choose anything you want.

Once you type the instructions into the generator, tap on the ‘run’ option and wait for the grid to appear on your screen.

It will take a few moments to display the results on your screen. To share the grid, you will have to take a screenshot. If you are not happy with the results, give it another try with some different ideas.

Twitter users have loved this AI image generator. Here are a few comments made by Twitter users:

One user wrote: “I did the Dall-E Mini thing since everyone else is doing it and I think this would be an awesome crossover.”

Another said: “Saw some people using DALL.E mini showing their prompts and outcomes

Of all the prompts I’ve tried

THIS is my personal best outcome”.

“dall e mini sure is a thing”, wrote another.

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Bottom Line

This was all about the viral AI image generator and how to use it online. Hopefully, the information provided here was helpful.

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