Skinny Girl Walking Sideways TikTok Meme — Explained

The Skinny Girl Walking Sideways meme has resurfaced on TikTok and users are once again actively participating in it. If you have no idea what the trend is all about, here we have broken down everything about the viral TikTok meme Skinny Girl Walking Sideways.

It is quite normal for TikTok users to encounter memes, challenges, and trends with every scroll. Although the video-sharing app features other content as well, it mainly comprises dance videos, challenges, lip-sync videos, and memes. The platform is also known for its wide collection of filters, effects, and background tracks. However, what has made this platform a viral one are its challenges and trends. Even though the app has faced bans several times in various countries, these trends are what have made TikTok a giant social media platform.

Today’s blog is dedicated to providing information about the Skinny Girl Walking Sideways meme that is currently reigning over the discover page of TikTok.

What Is The Skinny Girl Walking Sideways Meme?

Image Of What Is The Skinny Girl Walking Sideways Meme

The Skinny Girl Walking Sideways is an old meme that has resurfaced on the internet. It first appeared on the video-sharing app in October 2021. In the last quarter of 2021, this meme had made it to Twitter and other social media platforms as well.

As per the available information, the ‘Skinny Girl Walking Sideways’ meme was first shared by a TikTok creator having the username @mnmnooxx00.

The skinny Girl Walking Sideways meme is basically a video that features a super-skinny and tall woman walking on the street. The clip further features the lady taking side steps through a tight area in order to make way for a passer-by. The creator @mnmnooxx00 captioned the video, “Squeezed through that really tight gap, I made it through though [because] I’m skinny”.

As the clip was uploaded on TikTok, it got immense traction from the users. People found it funny and they kept sharing it on several platforms making it a viral clip. The original video of Skinny Girl Walking Sideways earned over 900,000 views when it was first uploaded on the internet.

As the clip went viral, TikTok users are now taking it as a challenge. And the challenge is to squeeze yourself through tight public places. The trend is getting immensely popular on the internet.

Skinny Girl Walking Sideways Trend TikTok

Image Of Skinny Girl Walking Sideways Trend TikTok

As the trend has resurfaced on the internet, it is breaking all the records. The original version of the video is getting attention one more time and as of now, it has earned more than 2.7 million views.

Online searches for skinny girl walking sideways’ and the meme’s creator name mnmnooxx00 are also blowing up the internet.

People now are curious to know the real name of ‘Skinny Girl’ but she is available nowhere. She also bid farewell to TikTok in March 2022. Although we are not sure about the reason behind her quitting the app, she seems to have quit the app after getting a lot of public attention.

Here is what the Skinny Girl wrote on TikTok before quitting the app:

She said: “Goodbye TikTok, it’s been fun,” the user wrote in the caption of the farewell video, followed by a message in the comment section: “I’m gonna leave this account up but I’m not gonna be posting regularly anymore.”

She further added: “Thank you to my mutuals for making running this account so much fun to run, you guys are so funny and always make me laugh.”

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Skinny Girl Walking Sideways meme on TikTok is and how it went viral on the app. Hopefully, we are able to provide you with all the information you were looking for.

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