I Had 13 Dollars Riddle — Here’s The Answer

While most of the people are probing about the “I Had 13 Dollars Riddle”, we are here for help. If you are unable to solve the riddle yet, then you have reached the most relevant site. Keep reading and get to know the detailed answer for the confusing I Had 13 Dollars Riddle.

With most advanced social media platforms people are coming up with new ways to interact with their social media fam. Some people are sharing different puzzle games and riddles to spend their time well on the social sites.

Most of the people consider the riddles much beneficial because they help us with our concentration, focus and brain dexterity. Most often the riddles make us laugh out loud resultantly relaxing our brain and body and helping us release stress. These are also considered as the best remedy for positive mental health.

Riddles are quite helpful for children’s mental health as well. Being a wonderful challenge, these can help to motivate children. They are good for improving children’s comprehension and creativity also. Altogether, riddles are the best way to spend your leisure time.

In some recent days, a riddle was flaunting on internet known as “I Had 13 Dollars Riddle”. As its quite tricky, most of people are unable to answer it. Today in this article we will enlighten you with the detailed solution of this riddle. Keep scrolling!

What Is “I Had 13 Dollars Riddle”

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I Had 13 Dollars Riddle” is a confusing puzzle statement flaunting on internet these days. Most of the internet users are not able to answer the riddle. Here is what the riddle actually says,

I had 13 dollars.

My mom gave me 10 dollars while my dad gave me 30 dollars.

My aunt and uncle gave me 100 dollars. I had another 5 dollars.

How much money did I have?

Though the riddle sounds quite simple but you might get it wrong. All you have to do is read the wordings carefully and try to make sense. Keep in mind that you have to consider the tenses as well. This riddle is quite similar to the “I Had 3 Dollars Riddle” famous previously. The correct answer of I Had 13 Dollars Riddle is 18. You will find a detailed explanation in the proceeding paragraph.

I Had 13 Dollars Riddle Answer

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To solve the riddle, you have to read the question wisely. Be attentive and read the question, which says ““I had 13 dollars. My mom gave me 10 dollars while my dad gave me 30 dollars. My aunt and uncle gave me 100 dollars. I had another 5 dollars. How much money did I have?“.

The point to ponder here is “How much money did I have?” Most of the people solve it as how much do they have after they got dollars from dad, aunt and uncle and mom. They don’t focus on the sentence that says, How much money did I have. You have to focus on the money you had and you are not required to add the amount.

So, initially you had 13 dollars and at the last of riddle there is mentioned, you also had another 5 dollars. Logically, you have to add the money you had. So, total you had 13, add these with the additional dollars you had. The total is 13 Dollars + 5 Dollars = 18 Dollars. So the correct answer here is 18 Dollars. Remaining amounts are just added to create confusion.

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Final Words

I Had 13 Dollars Riddle is quite simple to solve, all you have to do is concentrate on the words used in the riddle. Most of the times, people get tricked because of the tenses used in these.

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