Instagram Error This Song Is Currently Not Available — Explained

Instagram users are annoyed by the error that says, ‘This Song Is Currently Not Available. If you are currently facing this error, here is how to deal with it.

Users on Instagram are reporting errors with each passing day. Just a few days back, the users were talking about the message error that was not letting them send DMs, followed by the filters issue in Texas and Illinois where the Instagram filters are completely banned.

Similarly, some users are also unable to update their feed as the platform is not behaving well.

Well, another error has joined the list and this time it is ‘This Song Is Currently Not Available’, that Instagram users are reporting. They have taken it to Twitter to express their displeasure about the glitch.

But is ‘This Song Is Currently Not Available’ really an Instagram error or anything else? We have broken down everything here in this blog. Stay tuned!

How To Fix This Song Is Currently Not Available On Instagram?

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The Instagram feature that enables users to add songs to their stories was introduced back in 2018. Ever since then, users are obsessed with this feature and the Instagram library of tracks also serves them well. With thousands of tracks, the Instagram track’s library is the go-to place for most users.

From top charts to new singles, old bands, and classical numbers, you will find every track in the Instagram music library.

However, users have now started reporting that some songs are suddenly showing an error saying “This song is not available. Several users have termed it as a strange error that they have never encountered earlier on the platform.

Users from several regions have reported this error. For some users, the error appears saying “This song is currently not available”, while for others it pops up saying the song is not available in your “region” or “country”.

The error appears when users try to add a specific song to their story. And the reason is, that a specific song is not available in that particular location. It usually happens following licensing issues, which means Instagram is not legally allowed to disperse that song in the particular region where the users are facing this error.

How To Fix Instagram Music Error?

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The soundtracks are allowed in one region while the other region doesn’t permit it following its regulations. So, the reason why you are unable to get a particular song in your region is your country’s regulations.

In some regions of the world, Instagram music is not allowed at all while in some regions particular soundtracks are prohibited.

If you are unable to access some songs, unfortunately, we do not have any fix for you to offer. The only solution is, that you may have to select a different song.

Nonetheless, it could also be an internet issue that is causing this error. If it is the reason, the below fixes may help you get rid of it.

  • Try logging out of the app and re-login. Check if it works.
  • Remove your Instagram app and reinstall it. It might work for you.
  • The error may also occur due to an old version of Instagram, try updating your app to its newest version and check if the issue gets resolved.

You may also face this issue if you are using an Instagram business account. The Instagram business account has different features than the Personal and Creator accounts.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the ‘This Song Is Currently Not Available’ Instagram error and whether or not it can be fixed. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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