Instagram Filters Not Working — How To Fix?

Another worst day on Instagram as the photo-sharing app’s filters are not working. Users have taken it to Twitter to complain about yet another issue and Instagram doesn’t seem to respond to any of the inquiries. If you are among such Instagram users, for whom the filters are not working, we have got you some potential fixes. Keep reading to get rid of this annoying issue.

Lately, Instagram users have been reporting several issues. Just yesterday, users were flooding Twitter with complaints revealing they are unable to send messages following the “failed to send message” error, and now the filters glitch.

Although, Instagram is coming up with some incredible features, seems like it is not working on the maintenance of the new ones. Just in the past month, users have reported several errors and they are annoyed to witness recurring glitches on their favorite social media platform.

Currently, Android and iPhone users from several regions have reported that they are unable to access the Instagram filters as the effects section has stopped working. Even after hundreds of requests, Instagram hasn’t responded to the error yet. However, we have gathered some possible fixes here in this blog. Stay tuned to know what this glitch is all about and how you can get rid of it.

Why Are Instagram Filters Not Working?

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Instagram Filters are among the most applauded features of the photo-sharing app. Users rely on these effects to enhance their beauty and to make their visuals look appealing. Ever since their launch, the Instagram filters have not grown old. They are still in demand just like the way they were at the start.

But just recently, these amazing Instagram features have stopped working. Some users are reporting that the filter section is not working while others complain that the filters keep disappearing.

As soon as the issue has become widespread, users have taken it to Twitter to confirm if they are alone in this.  One user wrote, “If Texas really banned Instagram filters I’m gonna scream. How am I gonna catfish now”.

How To Fix The Instagram Filters Issue?

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According to one report, “Facebook has turned off augmented reality effects, including filters and avatars, for users in Texas and Illinois, citing state facial recognition laws.” This is also applicable to Instagram because both the apps are owned by Meta.

The spokesperson of Axion further said: “The technology we use to power augmented reality effects like masks, avatars, and filters is not facial recognition or any technology covered by the Texas and Illinois laws, and is not used to identify anyone”.

“Nevertheless, we are taking this step to prevent meritless and distracting litigation under laws in these two states based on a mischaracterization of how our features work,” he further added.

Here is how annoyed users have taken the issue to Twitter:

One user wrote, “Well, Instagram is dead to me. Taking away all our story filters”.

Another user wrote, “What tf did @instagram do? Why are filters not in my location? I’ve lost like half of them I’ve had saved for the longest time.”

“Instagram took all my filters away and says they’re not available in my location. Do they not know I’m ugly,’ wrote another user.

Well, there isn’t a fix to this issue because Meta has revealed that it is planning to create a new, opt-in system, explaining how its effects work, before resuming the feature in Texas and Illinois.

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The Last Words

This was all about why the Instagram filters are not working in certain regions. Hopefully, we are able to convey all the information you were looking for.

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