Instagram Posts Not Showing Error – How To Fix?

Instagram users have reported that an error is confronting them following which the posts are not showing for them. They have taken it to Twitter to explain their displeasure about the error. Below is everything you need to know about the Instagram Posts Not Showing Error and ways you can fix it.

Once the most popular social media platform, Instagram is now getting less attractive to social media users following its glitches. For quite a few months, Instagram users have been reporting errors and glitches every single day.

Some days they are reporting that their feed isn’t refreshing while on the other days they complain about not being able to send DMs. Besides this, the Instagram feed is also misbehaving and it is being bombarded with content from accounts that users don’t really follow.

Altogether, Instagram users are not happy about how the app is performing for quite a long now. Currently, users are reporting that Instagram posts are not showing for them and they are unable to fix this error. To help all these users get rid of this error, below we have detailed some potential fixes. Have a look!

How to Fix The Instagram Posts Not Showing Error?

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The latest glitch that is being reported by Instagram users reveals that posts are not showing up for them at all. The posts have disappeared all of a sudden and users are wondering to know what possibly has happened to them.

Some have revealed that their pictures are appearing in reels and when they right-swipe them, they get a blank page.

Several users have reported the glitch over Twitter, thus it seems like the error is a widespread one. However, Instagram has not responded to it nor have they rolled an official fix for the issue.

Sharing their complaints about the prevailing error, Instagram users wrote the below comments on their Twitter handles:

One person wrote, “Yes, the @instagram site seems to be broken right now. It’s not showing pictures/posts, only stories.”

Another user added, “is anyone else who uses the Instagram website having issues ?? My saved posts aren’t showing up and videos on other accounts are only showing up in reels, not posts.”

“Instagram Feed & Posts are not Showing”, reported another Instagram user on Twitter.

Despite several complaints from the users, Instagram has not addressed the issue. We can assume that this is a temporary glitch that will get fixed very soon.

However, if the glitch doesn’t get fixed at the earliest, you can try the below potential fixes to get rid of this error.

Instagram Posts Not Showing Error Quick Fix

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Try the below possible solutions to fix the Instagram Posts Not Showing Error:

1. Restart Your Internet Connection

The first reason behind this error might be your poor internet connection. Try connecting to any other internet device or simply restart your router. Check if the error gets fixed, if not jump to the next potential fix.

2. Re-install Your Instagram App

The next possible fix for your Instagram app is to re-install it. To do so, you will first be required to remove the Instagram app from your mobile and then download it again from the app store.

3. Update Your App To Its Latest Version

The next potential fix to this error is to update your Instagram. Sometimes, having an old version of the app creates trouble. So, always make sure to keep your app up-to-date.

4. Clear The App Cache

Another option to get rid of this error is to clear the cache that keeps piling up on your app resulting in several errors

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The Last Words

This was all about what the Instagram Posts Not Showing Error is all about and its possible fixes. Hopefully, you will get rid of this Instagram error soon.

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