IOS 16 Drains Battery Fast – Users Complaining On Twitter

IOS 16 is here finally but the users do not seem happy about it as they complain that the new update drains the battery really fast. Users have taken it to Twitter to share their bad experiences with IOS 16. Here is what users have found about IOS 16.

iOS 16 has hit the screens just recently and it bought along some attractive features. The features that users have applauded the most include, adding widgets to the lock screen, unsending or editing a text message, and removing the background of a photo. Although all these features sound exciting but they have come with a cost.

As per the users, the new iOS update (16) drains your battery really fast. Several iOS users who have tested the latest update have revealed that the new operating system drains the battery really fast. Complaints are being poured on Twitter and users have revealed that their battery performance has worsened following the latest update.

Here is more about what users think about the new iOS update and whether or not their complaints are on point.

Does IOS 16 Drain Battery Fast?

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Several iOS users have taken it to Twitter to reveal that their battery capacity has suddenly reduced after they have downloaded the new update on their device.

They also have written on Twitter that their battery is running quicker as compared to its capacity while using the previous update. Users do not seem happy at all as they have to charge their devices several times a day.

Some other complaints we spotted on Twitter about the new iOS update reveal that their iPhone is now lagging and the performance is also being affected. They have further added that this is not how their devices used to function previously with the last update.

Here are a few complaints made by iPhone users on Twitter about the new update:

One person wrote I should’ve never downloaded iOS 16, this is draining my battery so fast.”

Another said, “Anyone else having issues with battery after updating to ios 16? My battery drains faster than normal—even with minimal browsing”

“For the people that don’t know, DONT UPGRADE TO IOS 16 right now it has a bug that drains your battery”, suggested another user.

“New iOS 16 update sucks, especially how fast it drains my battery”, complained someone else.

Well, Apple has not responded to the recent complaints but previously the giant company has addressed the issue saying, “It’s normal for your apps and features to need to adjust up to 48 hours after an update.”

So, whenever your iPhone updates to a new version, it has to cope with several adjustments that ultimately drain your battery faster. But once the device completes all the adjustments, your iPhone’s battery performance will become normal.

Is It True That IOS 16 Drains Battery Fast?

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If the battery life of your device doesn’t get back to normal even after 48 hours, it might be possible that it’s your phone that is getting older.

With age, the battery life and health of your iPhone keep deteriorating. Sometimes when your device gets older, your battery cannot charge to its total capacity and thus drains faster.

To figure out whether it’s your device’s age that is affecting your battery capacity or something else, you can check your battery capacity following the below steps:

  • Open your phone’s settings.
  • Next, head towards the battery option.
  • Tap on the Battery Health option.

This feature will show you a comparison of your phone’s health while it was new vs now.

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The Last Words

This was all about whether the iOS 16 really drains the battery fast or not. Hopefully, we are able to provide you with all the information you were looking for.

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