Live Listen On iOS 15 — Here Is All You Need To Know

Before the launch of its flagship mobile series, Apple has rolled its latest iOS. Among the most prominent features of iOS 15 is Live Listen, and users on TikTok have started talking about it. Here is all you need to know about this popular iOS feature.

The latest iOS 15 update was made available on Monday 20th September. Quite similar to all the previous operating systems, iOS 15 also has some amazing features that have never been offered before. Some of the highest-flying features added in iOS 15 include screen sharing whilst FaceTime call, health app, and a faster Siri.

The new iOS also enables the users to add their State ID or Driver’s License to their Apple ID. Also, it has now enabled Apple users to FaceTime with non-Apple users. Following all these features, a new feature that is being highly discussed is the “Live Listen” feature on the new iOS. Let’s explore everything about this cool feature.

What Is Live Listen On iOS 15?

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Live Listen on iOS 15 is a newly designed music mode available for Apple users. This feature makes the microphone on your AirPods pick up the background noise making it easier for you to hear sounds around you whilst listening to the music.

Users have also claimed that, with the Live Listen feature on, it feels like you are listening to live music. It feels as if you are attending a live concert rather than listening to a studio-recorded track.

With each passing day, features like “Live Listen” are giving us a whole new perspective of music. It makes the music sound raw, unrefined, and organic. However, this feature is only available while listening to music on AirPods.

After experiencing this new feature, AirPod users seem overwhelmed. They have shared their feeling over Twitter. Here is what users think about this newly added music mode.

One Twitter user wrote, “The Live Listen on iOS 15 is gonna be so great for all the shows I cannot attend. Let me pretend I’m there.”

Talking about how amazing this new feature is, another user added, “One of the most interesting features from iOS 15 is live listened, I’ve had it on since I got to work and it’s so amusing”.

Most music lovers have declared the Live Music feature as the best update on iOS 15. One excited user from Twitter wrote, “The iOS updates for music/listening is the best thing ever OMG.”

“The iOS 15 update!! Like the background noise and live listen thing is so amazing”, said another user on Twitter.

This new music mode has also become the talk of the town on TikTok. Users are creating reaction videos about this newly rolled feature while some are still trying to understand how this feature actually works.

If you are also among the users who are unable to understand how this newly added feature works, read the proceeding paragraph.

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How To Use Live Listen On iOS 15 Feature

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Accessing the new “Live Listen On iOS 15” is quite simple. Follow the below steps to lay your hands over it.

  • Initially, make sure that you have downloaded the new iOS 15 on your iPhone.
  • Next, connect your AirPods to your mobile device.
  • Open the setting tabs and head towards the option that reads “Accessibility”.
  • Scroll through all the features until you get the option, Hearing and tap Audio/ Visual.
  • Here, you will get the “Live Listen” option, enable it and enjoy.

Bottom Line

This was all about the most-discussed feature “Live Listen On iOS 15”. Hopefully, you have got all the required information about this popular feature.

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