Is Disney Removing Cinderella Castle? TikTok Rumor Debunked

TikTok users and Disney fans are wondering to know if Disney is removing Cinderella castle as a few users on social media are claiming that Disney is going to get rid of the Cinderella castle. Here we have debunked this TikTok rumor.

It is not a surprise to encounter rumors, especially death hoaxes on social media platforms. It is especially on TikTok where people spread false claims. Ever since the video-sharing app has emerged as a popular social media platform, we have come across thousands of death hoaxes and rumors.

Just recently, a few users on TikTok are claiming that Disney is removing Cinderella Castle and people don’t seem happy about it.

For the readers who are not aware of what the Cinderella Castle is, it is a staple landmark and a fan-favorite spot located at a famous entertainment resort based in Orlando, Florida.

This is a 189-foot landmark that gives a glimpse of Cinderella’s life story from being an orphan to becoming a princess. The landmark includes features like a spiral staircase to the banquet hall and spacious castle suits.

However, the rumor claiming that Disney is removing the Cinderella castle has left the fans shocked. They are now wondering to know whether or not it is a rumor. To help all these fans get the legit information, we have crafted this blog. Keep reading to know the truth.

Is Disney Really Removing Cinderella Castle?

Image Of Is Disney Really Removing Cinderella Castle

Well, if you are worried about Cinderella Castle’s removal, don’t worry anymore. There are no such plans of Walt Disney World Resort to remove the Cinderella castle in 2022.

Snopes has cleared the air by revealing that this is just a false claim which started revolving on the video-sharing app after August 22nd. It went viral when a spoof TikTok account claimed that Cinderella’s castle will soon be gone.

The TikTok handle that revealed this claim has clarified in its bio that they are just a fun account that spreads false Disney news for entertainment purposes. The account’s bio reads, “real Disney news that is 100% fake”.

The handle further reveals, “The world’s best satire site” about Disney Parks which writes “100% made up stories for your enjoyment”.

So, the news that you are now worried about is just a rumor.

Is Disney Removing Cinderella Castle A Rumor?

Image Of Is Disney Removing Cinderella Castle A Rumor

Several Disney fans were heartbroken to know that the resort was planning to get rid of the Cinderella castle. However, there also were users who knew from the beginning that it was just a false claim.

One such user who knew it was just a spoofy thing said, “Me here waiting for people who think this is serious/real.”

Another wrote, Y’all relax: its satire. The castle is staying.”

“My son works for Disney and it’s a rumor. There is no way they would ever get rid of that major landmark”, confirmed another user.

A third user said, “Worry not, Disney Park’s fans — this was nothing more than satire from a fun-filled Disney blog.”

So, it is now safe to say that the Cinderella Castle is all safe. We have rather got the information that the Walt Disney World Resort has given a fresh makeover to Cinderella Castle ahead of its 50th anniversary.

The resort has also invited fans from across the globe to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The anniversary has begun in October 2021 and will be live for a total of 18 months until spring 2023.

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The Last Words

This was all about whether or not Disney is removing the Cinderella castle. Hopefully, you have found all the information you were looking for.

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