What Happened To Gabbie Hanna? Is She Sick?

Fans are concerned about Gabbie Hanna and they are wondering to know what has happened to her as she is behaving weird on her TikTok handle. She has posted more than 120 videos in a single day and fans think she is going through a mental breakdown.

Gabbie Hanna has poured several videos on her TikTok handle and all of them are related to religion and other strange topics. The trending TikTok star rose to prominence on Vine and YouTube and has a fan following of 5.2 million on her YouTube channel ‘The Gabbie Show’.

Besides being a social media star, Gabbie also is a singer. She released her first single Out Loud in 2017. Later, she rolled two EPs and a debut album in 2022.

Just recently Gabbie has gone viral for her TikTok content and she has amassed over 7.3 million followers. And more recently now, Gabbie is trending on TikTok as she is bombarding the app with hundreds of videos. The content of the videos also is too weird and fans are really concerned about her health.

Is Gabbie Hanna Fine?

Image Of Is Gabbie Hanna Fine

Gabbie started posting videos on 23rd August with the first snippet featuring her saying she is going to “save the world”. Following this video, she kept rolling several other videos where she spoke about God, religion, Universe, The Bible, Jesus, children dying on the streets, and other similar topics.

In one video she was heard saying, “What if I was the mother of God? What if I got to bring the good news of the second coming?”

In another video, she was seen shouting about how she cannot sleep and saying she can see babies “dying on the street” and everyone needs to “wake up”.

One snippet featured her saying “Good morning everyone. I’m just trying to get everyone to care about the starting babies on the street.”

She also talked about being raised as a catholic, ghosts, and whether her words matter to the world or not. In one video she even claimed that she is the angel Gabriel. In the same video, she was seen standing next to a mirror where she wrote, “The greatest love of all time” using lipstick.

As of now, Gabbie has not posted a video in the last two hours, fans are praying for her health and mental peace.

Is Gabbie Hanna Mentally Sick?

Image Of Is Gabbie Hanna Mentally Sick

As Gabbie is behaving weirdly on TikTok, fans are concerned about her wellbeing. They are pouring comments on her TikTok videos and they also have been talking about her on TikTok.

One of her fans wrote on Twitter, “I am genuinely concerned about Gabbie Hanna right now. Fan or not, she’s clearly not ok”.

Another said, “I’m genuinely concerned for Gabbie Hanna like someone needs to check on her.”

“Has anyone checked on Gabbie Hanna because I’m genuinely worried about her well-being?”, added one.

“I think someone needs to go and check on Gabbie Hanna,” suggested another.

The last video that Gabbie has posted in a while reveals that someone came to her at night to check on her health. She further wrote that she was screaming in the middle of the night and her neighbors have come to check on her.

Fans have bombarded comments of concern on her video. One person said, “honey, I don’t normally watch your content, but please open up the door to friends, family, or anyone who wants to help. Please don’t struggle alone”

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The Last Words

This was all about what has happened to Gabbie Hanna and whether or not she is sick. For now, we think that she is battling anxiety and depression. May she gets peace of mind and soul.

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