Is Purrloin Shiny In Pokemon Go? Revealed

The month of Halloween is here and Pokemon Go is all set to celebrate the season with its players, but before that let’s dig into whether Purrloin is Shiny in the game or not. Also, get some additional information about Purrloin spotlight hour time and expected rewards and bonuses. Keep reading to learn more!

Every year in October, Pokemon Go along with its players celebrates the Halloween season by rolling out several Halloween-themed events. It is among the best games that celebrate the Halloween season with enormous zeal. If you are an avid user of Pokemon Go, you must have witnessed some amazing Halloween-themed events in the gameplay previously.

Following its tradition, this year also, the game is featuring different events to celebrate the season. The lineage of events will begin with the week’s Spotlight Hour that will feature ‘Purrloin’.

Followed by the Spotlight event that is featuring Purrloin, players are going to encounter some other Ghost-Type Pokemon. These ghost-type Pokemon include Haunter, Misdreavus, and Shuppet.

The four spotlight hours that you are going to witness this month are all surrounded by a bunch of different core events. Some of these major events that you will be able to play this month include:

  • Evolving Stars
  • Festival of Lights
  • The blowout Halloween Event

Besides the above events, the Pokemon Go players will also be able to lay their hands over Community Days that are reported to feature Litwick.

Though there is a lot to anticipate this Halloween season, let’s first look at the upcoming Spotlight Hour. Here is everything you need to know about whether or not Purrlion is going to be shiny and what the rewards and bonuses for this Spotlight are.

Purrloin Spotlight Hour Time Rewards And Bonuses

Image Of Purrloin Spotlight Hour Time Rewards And Bonuses

Alongside the Spotlight Hour, the Purrlion event is all set to hit the screens on Tuesday, October 2022. The Spotlight hour time revealed by the official sources is 6 PM in your local timezone. The spotlight hour will remain live for an hour and it will end at 7 PM in your local timezone.

As far as the reward is concerned, there is good news for the players. For this week, the bonus for every evolution is 2x XP. It translates that, it is the best opportunity to pop a Lucky Egg and to level up.

After this good news, let us tell you some bad news also!

You will be disappointed to know that October’s Spotlight Hours are starting off with a non-meta Pokemon. It means that Purrlion is not going to be shiny this time. So, no shiny, non-meta Pokemon and no rewards tied to catching it.

Though several players are disappointed after coming across this news, Niantic has not revealed any specific reason behind doing so. Nonetheless, players will have more time for the mass evolutions.

Is Purrloin Shiny In Pokemon Go?

Image Of Is Purrloin Shiny In Pokemon Go

No, the bad news is that Purrlion is not Shiny during the approaching Spotlight event. Though we were expecting it to be shiny as it was the first spotlight hour of the Halloween season, but we are being disappointed.

This is quite strange, but this is how it is. So, this time, do not think of catching the Shiny Pokemon and garnering some rewards. Instead, use your time wisely on mass evolutions that will help you in the future. Also, think about saving up Pokemon to evolve so that you can make the best out of it in the future as well.

Hard luck, for the players who were expecting Purrlion to be shiny this week. Let’s wait for the next Spotlight hour, hopefully, it will be exciting.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about whether Purrlion is shiny in the Pokemon Go Spotlight hour or not and whether there is a chance to boast some rewards. What’s your opinion on Purrlion not being shiny? Let us know in the comment box below.

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