Is Sean Lampkin Really Dead? All You Need To Know

The popular TV actor Sean Lampkin is dead and the news has made his fans really sad. Many of them are in a state of disbelief and are wondering to know the reason behind his passing. While the fans of Sean Lampkin are mourning his loss, below we have gathered all the information about whether Sean Lampkin is really dead or not. We also have taken a glance at the actor’s career and past life.

Sean Lampkin was a popular TV actor and he was popular for his role as Nipsey the bartender in the 90s sitcom Martin. He was followed by thousands of people and was mainly known to 90s kids and those before them. Sean was an important pillar of the entertainment industry and his passing has shocked millions of his fans.

As soon as his fans have come to know about this unfortunate news, they have taken to several social media platforms to pay tribute to him. Others are still in a state of dismay and are not ready to accept that the actor has passed away.

Several actors and his fans have taken to Twitter and other social media handles to express their shock and sadness at the sudden passing of the actor. Sean was 54 years old at the time of his passing.

The news that Sean Lampkin is dead has really shocked thousands of his fans and they are expressing their sorrow over his sudden demise.

Is Sean Lampkin Dead?

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The news of Sean Lampkin’s passing was confirmed by a Facebook user called Marsel Watts. Marsel appears to be in close relation with Lampkin so, she announced the unfortunate news on 8th March from his Facebook account.

In case you have missed this post, here is what it read, “My friend, my last roommate for 10 years, a father and family man, my brother, skate buddy, business partner, and trainer passed away this morning”.

Marsel Watts’ Facebook post further read, “BKA as Nipsey the bartender on Martin, The pest control man in Bad Boys, the cab driver in Big Mamas House, and the shooter in Life. He was a black belt in karate too. He worked for Martin Lawrence for decades as his right-hand man. No Martin without Sean. When Sean would come by my house to get clothing that I sold him he’d have Martin in the car waiting”. She concluded the post by saying, “RIP Sean Lampkin.”

Though the news of his passing is being confirmed, there is no information about his cause of death. We also failed to get any information about the funeral arrangements.

Sean Lampkin Death News

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Born on September 30, 1969 Sean was just 54, at the age of passing. He was born in Los Angeles, California. Sean started acting at a young age. In the early years of his career, he used to perform stand-up in clubs and theaters throughout the country.

His sudden demise has shocked many of his fans and they have taken to their social media handles to express their sorrow.

One of his fans wrote, “Damn. He was an incredible person. Every time we saw each other it was love. He will truly be missed.”

Another fan wrote on Instagram, “Not Nipsey!  May God be with his family in their time of grief.”

A Twitter user wrote, “Rest easy, Sean Lampkin aka Nipsey from Martin. Thank you for the laughs.”

“Awww man Nipsey from Martin passed. RIP Sean Lampkin”, said another.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about whether Sean Lampkin is really dead or not. The actor has unfortunately passed away and fans are mourning his loss. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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