Is The Pandora Ring Girl Who Was Shot By Boyfriend Real? Explained

A concerning story of a girl and guy is trending on TikTok where the girl was shot by her boyfriend but she forgave him for a Pandora Ring, TikTok users are now inquiring to know if this incident was real or just a fake story to amass views and likes. To help all the users who are wondering to know if the story of the Pandora ring girl who was shot by her boyfriend is real or not, we have got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about the story.

It is not a surprise to witness controversial stories on TikTok. The video-sharing app has gotten traction among the social media users for its weird stories. The recent video that has got the users divided on TikTok is of a Pandora girl who was shot by her boyfriend. The video has left the users confused and they failed to understand how someone can let go of the physical abuse they have faced for just a Pandora ring.

Though the original story of this girl has disappeared from the video-sharing app, several people have come forward to share their reactions about it. Users are begging their fellow TikTok users to look at the bigger picture and not to judge the Pandora girl. Here is what actually happened in this story.

Was Pandora Ring Girl From TikTok Really Shot By Boyfriend?

Image Of Was Pandora Ring Girl From TikTok Really Shot By Boyfriend

The reaction video to this story was posted on TikTok and it featured the content creators holding their hands over their mouths in shock as they got to know the story.

The original story that was posted on TikTok is now being removed and it is unclear whether the Pandora ring girl who was shot by her boyfriend’s story is real or not.

The video is however used by another TikToker before it was removed. The snippet features a girl standing in front of a mirror taking a mirror selfie while a guy stands behind her with his arms wrapped around her.

The caption for this video reads, “Gave him one last chance this time he really promised to never cheat again and introduced me to all his family”.

In the next clip, the girl is again taking a mirror selfie and has captioned the video, “figured out I was [pregnant]”.

The next clip shocked several TikTok users. It features an image of the same girl exposing a huge scar running all the way down her stomach. The caption for this clip reads, “he shot me and killed our baby (“on accident”)”.

In the very next clip, the woman can be seen holding a box with a ring inside it. The caption reads, “he bought me a promise ring so i took him back this one last time and forgave him”.

The content creator who has reacted to the video wrote in his caption, “there’s no mf way”. This video has earned over 2 million views so far.

TikTok Users Reactions To Pandora Ring Girl Who Was Shot By Boyfriend

Image Of TikTok Users Reactions To Pandora Ring Girl Who Was Shot By Boyfriend

As the above-provided reaction video has gone viral, several people have come forward to share their stance on the story.

One person wrote,  “Whoever created this sound, do us all a favor and delete it because I am sick and tired of seeing this trauma, struggle of stories come across my for you page.” “Because for a man to threaten your life, kill your unborn child, leave you with mental and physical trauma and all that medical debt and you take him back for a Pandora ring, not even Cartier or something, anyway I digress…

They further continued “That’s not even the important part, but enough is enough.”

Another wrote, “Saw the original. She’s now safely out of that situation, healing & talks about how gone she was for nothing. But it was a freaking trip”.

 “I hope someone pulls her out of that situation or she herself gets out because lord knows she’s on borrowed time and that’s heartbreaking to see”, expressed another.

While some users are quick to judge the girl, some other content creators have come forward to request not to judge her without knowing the true story.

A user said, “Y’all keep posting about her going back for a pandora ring after getting shot.. the poor girl was getting abused and y’all just mocking her”.

Some users have also shared her current situation and have revealed that the girl is safe and out of this relationship now.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the TikTok story that has left TikTok users in awe. Hopefully, you have found all the details about this viral story.

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