Pumpkin Head Trend On TikTok – Explained

After going viral in the year 2021, Pumpkin Head Trend has once again surfaced on TikTok and users are enjoying it to their fullest. Here is what the trend is all about and how the users are reacting to it.

As the Halloween season is here, people on social media are coming up with crazy ideas to celebrate the season. From online gaming platforms to social media platforms and TV shows, none of them miss the chance to enjoy this spooky yet fun season.

On the online gaming platforms, we have witnessed developers rolling out new events to celebrate the Halloween season. Just like these, social media platforms are also being poured with fun content surrounding the spooky Halloween season.

While all platforms are gearing up for this year’s Halloween season, TikTok is no way behind. The famous Halloween-special Pumpkin head trend has once again taken over the video-sharing app and users are enjoying it to their fullest.

The trend follows the old ritual of Pumpkin Carving, where people used to cut pumpkins into different designs and place candles inside them and leave them outside their front doors. Gone are the days, and now very few people do such fun activities.

Nonetheless, the Pumpkin Head trend has come up as the modern version of this ritual. The trend asks you to carve the Pumpkins but with a little twist. Here is more you need to know about this trend.

How To Do The Pumpkin Head Trend On TikTok?

Image Of How To Do The Pumpkin Head Trend On TikTok

As the name suggests, the Pumpkin Head Trend on TikTok is all about craving a pumpkin and wearing it on your head. The trend has taken Pumpkin Carving to a whole next level and users have poured love love and only love for this trend.

To be part of this viral trend, you will be required to get a giant pumpkin (one where your head can fit inside easily).

Once you have got a large-sized pumpkin, hollow it out and remove all the seeds so that your hair doesn’t get soaked in pumpkin juice later on.

After hollowing the pumpkin properly, cut the eyes, nose, and mouth at the front to make it look like a normal jack-o-lantern.

Now, once the Pumpkin is ready to wear on your head, put it on so that it appears like you have a pumpkin head on your body.

To easily fit inside the Pumpkin, you will be required to cut a huge hole in the bottom. Don’t miss out on removing the slimy bits to avoid creating a mess. Also, the size of the pumpkin must be big enough.

And, cutting appropriate space for your eyes, nose, and mouth is also necessary, else you will not be able to track your path, now will you be able to breathe peacefully.

Once you have carved the pumpkin well, wear it on and click some amazing pictures. Gather the pictures to make a video and roll it out on the video-sharing app TikTok to be part of this viral trend.

Also, don’t forget to add the viral ‘Pumpkinheadtrend’ hashtag for better reach.

How To Do The Pumpkin Baby Trend On TikTok

Image Of How To Do The Pumpkin Baby Trend On TikTok

This trend has resurfaced on TikTok after the singer Megan Thee Stallion posted some amazing pumpkin head photos on Instagram.

The singer has posted 4 pictures of her wearing the pumpkin on her head. In the first image, she is sitting on a sofa reading a magazine while wearing the pumpkin. In the next picture, she is standing at her front door.

Several of her fans have loved her creativity and they have poured thousands of comments on her pictures.

One user wrote, “She’s already ready for Halloween like Mariah Carey is already ready for Christmas lol.”

Another said, “Pumpkin Meg is my favorite. Look forward to her every year.”

 “Yas it’s that time of the year! You knew we needed the pumpkin head sis”, wrote another.

Alongside the Pumpkin Head Trend, people are also drooling over the Pumpkin Baby Trend.

This adorable trend involves parents craving leg holes and putting their little babies inside pumpkins to make them look like small spooky characters. The trend is truly adorable.

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The Last Words

This was all from what the Pumpkin Head Trend on TikTok is all about and how to be part of it. What’s your plan for Halloween? Let us know in the comment box below.

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