Is Twitter Shutting Down In 2022? Twitter Trend Explained

Twitter users think the Bird App is shutting down in 2022 after a BBC report has gone viral on the internet. As per the BBC report, Twitter headquarters will be temporarily closed until Monday. Amid this, Twitter employees will also have no access to the office. After this news has gone viral, Twitter users are assuming that the platform is shutting down in 2022.

Ever since Elon Musk has taken over the Bird App, we are getting to hear plenty of speculations. Initially, a parody of Elon Musk firing one of his top executives on a live TV podcast, and users thought the app’s owner has really fired his employee on the live TV podcast. After that, the Twitter Blue feature kept making headlines as it enabled all the users to get a verified badge for $8 per month only. This resulted in a rise of impersonated accounts thus the Twitter team had to cancel this feature.

Now, users think that Twitter is shutting down in 2022. Though Elon Musk has shared his desire of making several changes to the app, but the changes are not settling well for Twitter employees. So, is Twitter shutting down this year? Here we have broken down everything about the viral speculations.

Twitter Users Think The Platform Is Shutting Down In 2022

Image Of Twitter Users Think The Platform Is Shutting Down In 2022

The rumors that say, “Twitter is shutting down in 2022” are not being confirmed. Neither Twitter owner Elon Musk nor Twitter employees have confirmed these rumors.

As the rumors about Twitter have become the talk of the town, users cannot stop thinking about what they would do if Twitter shuts down. The Twitter trend #RIPTwitter is further adding fuel to the speculations.

As the #RIPTwitter is going viral on the platform, users think Twitter services might end tomorrow. Twitter users have become even more concerned as Elon Musk has joined the trend. Elon Musk is known for his witty nature and this time again he has not failed to impress the users.

Elon Musk joined the #RIPTwitter trend by sharing a meme on his verified account. The Tweet shared by Elon shows the Twitter logo on a tombstone. It implies that the platform is dead.

Besides sharing this meme, Elon Musk has not confirmed the news of Twitter shutting down this year. He has rather talked about Twitter’s improving prosperity in one of his recent Tweets. He wrote, “We just hit another all-time high in Twitter usage lol”.

Is Twitter Shutting Down?

Image Of Is Twitter Shutting Down

The meme trend claiming that Twitter is shutting down has begun after BBC’s viral report. As per the report, the Twitter office will be temporarily closed for employees until Monday.

After users have come across this report, they started sharing memes about it. Here is how users have responded to this viral trend on Twitter:

One user wrote, “Don’t tell me Twitter is shutting down and we have to go back to Facebook!!!!”

Another said, “If this whole Twitter shutting down happens, find me on Instagram”.

“I have been on Twitter since 2009, trust me when I say I will be going down with this ship”, exclaimed another.

Wow..Twitter going down when I finally started talking to my crush”, joked another Twitter user.

“Bro I just woke up and Twitter is ending, its been nice knowing you all”, wrote another user.

“Twitter ending will be the closure I could never give myself”, said one.

“The same energy I’m getting from Twitter possibly ending is the same energy I felt when the world was possibly ending in 2012. I’m actually sad,” wrote another user.

“Twitter is ending blah blah blah find me with this same @ on Tumblr and Instagram even though I suck at posting on there even though clearly I’m gonna have to learn”, added one.

Twitter is among the most-used social media platforms over time. The trend of Twitter’s shutting down has upset several users. Though the news about Twitter’s shutting down is not confirmed, social media users have already started thinking about the alternatives.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about whether or not Twitter is shutting down in 2022. As per the available information, it is just a joke and the social platform doesn’t seem to end.

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