Instagram Old Picture Of You Or Bad Luck For 2 Years Trend – Explained

The latest Instagram trend ‘Old Picture Of You Or Bad Luck For 2 Years’ is forcing users to post their old pictures on the platform. As the name suggests, the trend reveals that if a user doesn’t post his/her old picture on the platform, she will have bad luck for the upcoming two years. With the fear of becoming unlucky, users are pouring hundreds of their old photos into their Instagram posts and stories. Here is more about whether the Old Picture Of You Or Bad Luck For 2 Years trend from Instagram is legit or not.

Among all the social media platforms, TikTok is the best platform to follow trends and challenges, but Instagram is no way behind. Ever since its launch, we have witnessed several trends going viral on Instagram. From viral filters to eye-catchy effects and soundtracks, Instagram has it all. The meme trends on Instagram especially are hugely popular.

Just recently we witnessed the NGL trend go viral on Instagram. It was a fun challenge that involved a third-party app. The NGL app enabled users to express their opinion to their friends or rivals without revealing their identities.

This time, Instagram users are on a different mission. Neither they are sharing memes nor are they grooving on a soundtrack. It is just a simple trend that warns users about being unlucky if they don’t share their old pictures. Here is more about the trend.

What Is The Old Picture Of You Or Bad Luck For 2 Years Trend On Instagram?

Image Of What Is The Old Picture Of You Or Bad Luck For 2 Years Trend On Instagram

As the name suggests, this new Instagram trend requires users to share their old pictures on the platform. Upon failing to do so, the challenge warns the users about getting drowned in bad luck for the coming 2 years.

Though the trend doesn’t seem legit, several users are sharing their old pictures as they are afraid of the consequences. Following the trend, several users have shared their old pictures which some users find annoying.

There is no information about how the trend emerged, it has gotten immense traction on Instagram. Several users have become part of the trend and it is going viral on some other social platforms as well.

The trend has become so popular that even the popular Twitch streamer Pokimane has shared an old picture of herself. Despite she has shared an old picture, she ended up facing a terrible situation in one of her latest streams. Pokimane ended up having a wardrobe malfunction during a live stream. Her shirt opened exposing her bare chest. Following this, we can ascertain that sharing old pictures cannot save you from being unlucky.

Does Instagram Old Picture Of You Or Bad Luck For 2 Years Trend Really Work?

Image Of Does Instagram Old Picture Of You Or Bad Luck For 2 Years Trend Really Work

Seeing awkward and annoying old pictures of their friends is not settling well for several users. They are requesting their friends to stop following this trend as it doesn’t make sense at all.

One user wrote on Twitter, “This “old picture of you or bad luck for 2 years” trend on Instagram sucks good thing I have eternal protection from reblogging the Tumblr immunity dog in 2015”.

Another added, “Old picture or bad luck for 2 years” has plagued my Instagram stories”.

“I’ve seen that ‘old picture of you or 2 years bad luck’ thing so many times on Instagram stories I think I’ve built up like a good 60 years bad luck”, wrote one.

“Truly wtf is this “old picture of you or two years of bad luck” thing on Instagram and when is it gonna stop”, shared another irritated user.

Seeing the Tweet we can ascertain that this new trend is not settling well for all the users. They can share their displeasure about this trend on Twitter.

One user wrote, “Me traveling back in time to delete the Instagram account of the person who started “old picture of you or bad luck for 2 years”.

Another wrote, “That local pedestrian activities that’s happening on Instagram again is like the same when were on lockdown “old picture or bad luck” plz the outside is free!”.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the ‘Instagram Old Picture Of You Or Bad Luck For 2 Years Trend’ and whether or not it really works. Hopefully, you have found all the details you needed to know.

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