IShowspeed Is Alive – Rumors Debunked

Earlier this month the fans of IShowspeed thought that the YouTuber was dead but now it is confirmed that he is alive and is doing well. But why do people think IShowspeed was dead? We have explained it below.

Rumors don’t take long to go viral on social media sites. Someone posts a video or comment about any celebrity and people consider it the truth without even investigating it. It is especially quite common for Netizens to hear about the death hoaxes of celebrities. To get attention on social media, content creators even spread false information and it has remained a common practice for decades.

Just recently, another rumor that claimed IShowspeed to be dead had sparkled on social media and the rumor went viral on all social media platforms. But now as another video of this YouTube streamer has gone viral on the internet, people are convinced that he is alive and is enjoying good health.

Here is more about why was IShowspeed considered dead by the fans and who spread this rumor of his passing.

IShowspeed Is Not Dead

Image Of IShowspeed Is Not Dead

The popular YouTuber streamer IShowspeed was followed by thousands of users from across the world until he got banned from YouTube.

This YouTube streamer was known for live streams online of him playing different games. Before getting permanently banned from YouTube, IShowspeed was banned temporarily a few times. However, he is active on several social media channels as of now.

The readers who are not aware of who Ishowspeed is, he is a popular content creator with millions of followers across all social media platforms. His real name is Darren Watkins Jr., and he has been creating content on the platform for several years now. Despite having a strong presence on social media and millions of followers, Darren Watkins Jr has landed in hot waters several times.

Just recently, he got banned from YouTube for sharing explicit content in one of his live streams. The stream was watched by more than 90K people. He not only got banned from YouTube, but he also faced severe backlash from his fans on social media.

However, he later apologized for the bad content he shared and acknowledged that he had made a mistake and he shouldn’t have done this because his streams are being watched by children also.

After this controversy, the news of his passing spread on social media which later turned out to be false.

Why Did People Think IShowspeed Was Dead?

Image Of Why People Thought IShowspeed Was Dead

People thought IShowspeed was dead after they watched a video of the YouTuber getting arrested by police. In the video, the police ask the cameraman to stop recording. Later in the clip, the camera faces the ground followed by the sound of a gunshot.

Following this video, fans were convinced that something has happened to IShowspeed and he possibly is dead. However, now we have confirmed that IShowspeed is alive and doing well.

IShowspeed has not yet addressed this viral video thus there is no information about why he got arrested. However, Adin, who is another YouTube creator, has broken the silence over what happened in the video.

He talked about the incident in of his recent Tweets saying, “I got swatted last night, very very scary. I’m okay. I love you guys. Also, speed got swatted as well, we just got off the phone he’s okay! Sick world we live in man.”

Following this Tweet, it is now safe to say that IShowspeed is fine, and most importantly, he is alive.

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The Last Words

This was all about the social media rumor that claimed that IShowspeed was dead. The YouTuber is alive but he is currently banned from YouTube.

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