How To Get Shiny Mega Scizor In Pokemon Go? Explained

Pokemon Go has just rolled its annual creepy crawly event, Bug Out and players are curious to know if Shiny Mega Scizor is in the game and if yes, how to get it. If you are among these players curious to know the details about Shiny Mega Scizor and how to get it in Pokemon Go, we have got your back. Below we have penned down all the available information about Mega Scizor.

As Bug Out has just hit the screens, there is a lot to anticipate for Pokemon Go players this month. The players will get complete several new field research tasks, wild encounters, Pokemon debuts, shiny debuts, and new raid bosses. One of the most awaited raid boss Mega Scizor is also ready to spice up the game field.

This event will go live on Wednesday, August 10 and it will be available till Tuesday, 16th August. It means players can now enjoy this event for the entire week.

This blog aims at providing you with all the information related to shiny Mega Scizor and how to get it in Pokemon Go.  

Is Shiny Mega Scizor Available In Pokemon Go?

Image Of Is Shiny Mega Scizor Available In Pokemon Go

For all the players who were awaiting shiny Mega Scizor, the good news is, that it is now available in the game. Just like Scyther and Scizor have had their shiny form since 2019, Mega Scizor also has its shiny form, and that also by default.

Players are quite excited to encounter the Mega Scizor and they have expressed their excitement on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Talking about this mega debut, here is how players have expressed their excitement over Twitter:

One user wrote, “Oooooh – it’s pretty! Love a shiny dex entry.”

Another said, “Wow, we only need to do a one raid to get enough mega energy to evolve. Crazy how much this function has changed #megascizor #pokemongo”.

The PokeRaid also confirmed the arrival of Mega Scizor saying:

“Scizor will be on raids soon for the first time with its Mega form! Check out our counter guide or bring your best Fire-type Pokémon!”

What Does Shiny Mega Scizor Look Like In Pokemon Go?

Look Like In Pokemon Go

As far as the looks of Mega Scizor are concerned, it maintains a shiny Scizor’s eccentric color scheme. It changes its color from vivid red color to a vibrant green. The Pokemon Go fans have declared it one of the more polarising shiny Pokemon.

If you are eyeing bagging the Shiny Mega Scizor in Pokemon Go, here are a few ways you can do so:

First and foremost, if you are among the players having the Shiny Mega Scizor already, you will just be required to earn Mega Scizor Energy from Pokemon GO Raids so that you can Mega Evolve the Pokemon.

Once you have mega evolved your Mega Scizor, you will bag a Shiny Mega Scizor.

Another way you can get the Shiny Mega Scizor is:

Keep hitting as many Mega Scizor raids as possible and hope to get a shiny Scizor at the end of the battle. Although there are a lot of chances this method may work for you but there is no guarantee that you get to encounter the shiny Scizor at the end of the battle.

The Bug Out event has started to roll in several regions and with it players are getting to encounter the new additions including, Mega Scizor, Grubbin and the chill drive Genesect. How excited are you to bag Shiny Mega Scizor? Let us know in the comment box below.

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The Last Words

This was all about when and how you are going to get Shiny Mega Scizor in Pokemon Go. Are you ready to take this challenge? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

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