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The latest hilarious video to go viral on TikTok is “Say Hello Jamie Lee”. People are watching this video over and over again as they think they have become addicted to it. If you still don’t know who Jamie Lee from TikTok is, then we have got you covered. Keep reading and get to know all information about this viral TikTok video.

Among hundreds and thousands of videos from TikTok, very few become successful in reaching to the Foryou page. As making someone laugh is the hardest task to accomplish, most of the videos that go viral on TikTok are extremely hilarious ones.

In other categories, videos go viral only if they contain something very unique, are extremely relatable, disgusting or following the latest trends. Among all these categories, comedy videos are the ones that go viral without getting any red flag from the audience.

TikTok’s latest viral video ‘Say Hello Jamie Lee’ is spreading giggles all around the internet. Here is who Jamie Lee is and what is ‘Say Hello Jamie Lee’ video all about.

Who Is Jamie Lee On TikTok

The name “Jamie Lee” has spread on TikTok like a wild fire and some of users (who haven’t watched the video yet) are considering her as a viral TikTok star. If your are sailing in the same boat, then you might be sailing in the wrong direction because Jamie Lee is an unknown person who hasn’t been spotted earlier on TikTok.

In the viral video, she can be seen sitting in the front seat of the car. Besides this video, she has never come up on TikTok so; there isn’t any information about her on the internet.

The best part of the “Say Hello Jamie Lee” video was when Jamie says “hello” with a hilarious shout. This video was uploaded on TikTok on the 9th of April. It’s going to be almost a month and Jamie is making rounds on almost all the social media platforms.

Say Hello Jamie Lee TikTok

Say Hello Jamie Lee TikTok is being uploaded on TikTok by 22-year-old Caitlin Watters from Belfast. This young TikToker has already racked up more than 95.4K followers on TikTok as of now. After the video has gone viral, people have criticized Caitlin Watters for using the Jamie to earn some views on his video.

But Caitlin Watters has denied this saying, that Jamie Lee is his family member so he can never think of mocking her for the sake of some views. While replying to one of his fan’s comments he further added that Jamie Lee is just a normal human being and she is allowed to enjoy herself. He further added that Jamie Lee was coming to a family party that day.

However, the video has become massively popular and people are enjoying the Northern Irish accent of Jamie Lee. Some content creators have even come up with their own version of Say Hello Jamie Lee TikTok video, which seems more like mocking Jamie Lee and that wasn’t funny at all.

Jamie Lee Weir TikTok

As the video has gone viral on TikTok, people have even taken it to Twitter and various other social media sites. People are actually loving the video and Jamie’s accent.

Here is what Twitter users think about the viral video, “I think I’m addicted to that Jamie Lee video doing the rounds today”. Meme creators have also joined the trend and it seems like this video will go so far.

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Bottom Line

To my opinion, it is fine to have fun with your friends and family but mocking someone for their appearance is totally wrong. We just hope that Jamie Lee is doing fine with her friend Caitlin and her family.

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