Is Broly Stronger Than Goku — Facts You Might Not Know!

Dragon ball fans are snooping on various social platforms to know whether Broly is stronger than Goku or not. With both these legendary characters showing how powerful they have become, it is quite difficult to say which one is stronger.

The latest addition in Dragon Ball Universe to take over the internet is Dragon Ball Super. The tournament of Power saga became massively popular, where fighters from multiverse gathered to save their universe from erasure. There Goku got a greater power which enabled him to something that even Gods of Destruction couldn’t achieve.

Goku got transformed into the autonomous Ultra Instinct and while doing this he identified his most powerful fighting form. Since then Goku is growing even stronger and most of the fans are curious to know if Broly in his Legendary Super Saiyan form can defeat Goku or not.

Goku Vs Naruto Who Would Win

Image Of Goku Vs Naruto Who Would Win

When it comes to strength, being master at the Ultra Instinct, Goku’s strength isn’t settling down. His power grows with every punch he faces. In a nutshell we cannot define the level of power he has while using the Ultra Instinct.

His power keeps on increasing while he faces his opponent. On the other sided, Broly, in his Legendary Super Saiyan form can only be edging Goku on greater things.

However, it is really early to underestimate Broly because his genes are rare and so pure. This is why Saiyans like him are being given a demonic status. He further goes through Saiyan transformations that are considered the purest in their generation. This transformation is the most advanced one among all other Super Saiyan transformations. Hence we cannot come to conclusion so early.

Why Can’t Broly Defeat Goku?

The next strongest feature of Goku is his ability to manipulate energy of the highest order. His Ultra Instinct enables him to reach at a greater degree of comfort using his incredible energy and heat.

Fans have also expressed that his energy manipulation becomes even better than Jiren at certain time. Goku can hurt Broly with even a slightest of energy blast. His signature step alone can be very hard for Broly to tackle.

On the flip side, Broly can be disastrous if it comes to lack of mercy. We all have a great understanding of how merciless is Broly. But after mastering his Ultra Instinct, Goku has learned to control his mind. This is clear that if Broly loses his mind after going Legendary Super Saiyan then he can be unimaginably disastrous.

Is Broly The Strongest Legandary Super Saiyan?

Image Of Is Broly The Strongest Legandary Super Saiyan

In a hand-to-hand combatant, Goku might get an advantage as his body is agile and he has unearthly reflexes. This is again because Ultra Instinct has enabled him to put all his emotions aside and taught him to let his body act based on pure instinct. Though his reflexes aren’t incredible he can still be hard to defeat for the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly.

Readers might also have an idea about the durability of Goku and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. This can be considered the biggest problem Goku has to bear while using the Ultra Instinct. It means that if the battle goes on for longer then, Broly can easily knock him down.

Can Goku Beat Broly?

Another characteristic where Goku beats Broly is the speed. Though Broly can also travel at the speed of light but his battle speed is way slower than Goku. While using his Ultra Instinct Goku becomes unbelievably fast that Broyl cannot even catch his moments.

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Bottom Line

The final verdict is that Goku has certain key advantages over Broyl when it comes to one-on-one fights. So, to our opinion, Goku is way stronger than Broly.

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