Joe Biden Filter On Snapchat? Filter Gone Viral On Internet

Social media platforms have become the new battle fields for the upcoming elections because the old political patterns including, political rallies, political meetings, and power shows have been out thrown by the Corona pandemic.

Considering the prevailing political scenario, Snapchat is paving the path for this battle field by introducing various filters. Among those Joe Biden Filter is a new addition to the filters list of Snapchat, which is taking over the internet these days.

Snapchat has the potential to influence the upcoming elections greatly as It has 101 Million active users from the USA. Knowing this, the political parties are trying their best to get over the voters by using Snapchat tools to their fullest.

Taking into account this current political wave, Snapchat has come up with Joe Biden Filter. Which is a lens that enables the users to look like Joe Biden. This filter completely changes your face and displays it as Biden’s face. People now are so obsessed with the filter because the changeover looks quite real and funny

What is Joe Biden Filter On Snapchat?

As the elections are getting closer, the political fever is rising among the supporters of Republican and Democratic parties of USA. Bearing this in mind, Snapchat has not disappointed its users by keeping pace with the trendiest stories. Therefore, it has come up with the hilarious Joe Biden Filter. The Snap chatters are going crazy about it.

This filter has added a bit of humor to the intense scenario created by the debates between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. It does not convert your face into a dog’s or a cat’s face like traditional snapchat filters, rather It makes you look like Joe Biden. So, this looks quite hilarious.

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If you are not familiar with how to get this trendiest filter, follow the steps given below.

Image Of How To Get Joe Biden Filter On Snapchat
  • Open your Snapchat account
  • Tap on the smiley face next to your camera button
  • Click on the explore button
  • Type ‘ Joe Biden’ in the search bar
  • Find the Joe Biden filter introduced by Ozzy Simpson
  • Apply the filter on your face
  • By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily get access to the filter and you can entertain your Snapchat family.

Creepy Joe Biden Snapchat Filter

Image Of Creepy Joe Biden Filter On Snapchat

Joe Biden is the former vice president and a very famous politician of USA. People call him “Creepy Uncle Joe” on the social media because of his awkward behavior towards females. According to a magazine he was accused by two women of unwanted touching. Further, many other women have claimed that they felt uncomfortable in various encounters with Biden.

The reason he is often being called creepy is because, he was seen sniffing hair of a women. This action of Biden sparked to an unending controversy on social media. A number of women have accused him of behaving inappropriately. Therefore, these creepy gestures of Joe Biden gave the idea of most viral Snapchat filter.

Upon applying the Joe Biden Filter on your face, you will see Biden standing behind you, sniffing your hair. Not getting how it works? Just give it a try by yourself. Open your Snapchat Cam and point it towards your face. But to apply this filter on your face, you have to activate this filter by following the guidelines discussed earlier.


In conclusion, social media platforms have always played an important role in seeking attention of potential voters. Like other social media application, Snapchat is always ready for innovations with its trendiest features. It has launched a range of filters and stickers to draw attention of general public. For e.g. the Joe Biden Filter launched recently.

These mediums fascinate the young voters. Consequently ,it can influence the election results to a large extent. Snapchat is going to be highly influential on the results of upcoming presidential elections because, it has successfully drawn the attention of many people already.

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