PewDiePie Shadowbanned A Rumor Or Fact?

YouTube is a self-contained universe with its own values and customs, its own incentive structures. A market dynamics and its own fully developed celebrity culture that includes gamers, beauty vloggers, musicians, D.I.Y.ers, political commentators, artists and pranksters. The biggest of these personalities have millions of subscribers and Oprah-level influence over their fandoms.

Many Inner You Tubers never watch TV and develop elaborate par asocial bonds with their favorite creators. For people who frequent Inner YouTube – generally people under 25. Along with some older people with abundant free time – the site is not just a video platform but a prism through which all culture and information is refracted.

When Kjellberg started his channel in 2010, YouTube culture hardly existed. He was a 21-year-old college student in Gothenburg, Sweden, who liked playing video games in his apartment. Eventually he took his game footage, superimposed some running commentary in the corner. Started uploading it to YouTube – early examples of a genre that became known as “let’s play.”

Thanks to some combination of goofy charisma and algorithmic luck, Kjellberg’s channel blew up, in a way no YouTube channel ever had. In 2012, he hit a million subscribers. The following year, PewDiePie became the biggest channel on the site. Kjellberg’s started making serious money – a reported $4 million from ads on his channel.

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Why is PewDiePie Shadowbanned?

It’s only a little more than a month since popular YouTuber  PewDiePie  announced. He takes a break  from the platform his first in almost a decade of uploading a video every single day. Rumors started about him that his show has banned. His followers started searching for him on YouTube but his channel did not appear.

Videos in the top results also tended to be from a year ago or longer. Finally, Kjellberg’s himself posted on the community tab of his channel. He is stating that his latest video apparently wasn’t going to people’s sub-boxes.

New channels and social media commentators said Kjellberg has banned from his service. These shadowban claims attracted thousands of shares and interactions.

A YouTube representative acknowledged the issue to Polygon, stating, “We are hearing reports that PewDiePie’s channel and some videos are not surfacing within searches. We are currently working on fixing the issue. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.”

While the search portion of the channel issues seem to resolve, YouTube hasn’t confirmed that all of the problems have addressed yet. Previously, Kjellberg alleged that his videos had banned from china.

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Is PewDiePie Really Shadowbanned From YouTube?

In his new video, titled “I went on a break for 30 days & THIS HAPPENED,” PewDiePie announces that he’s back to his regularly scheduled programming and will make videos every day again.

“I broke my ten-year streak of daily uploads to do… I haven’t done much,” he admitted. “It’s nice actually.” PewDiePie revealed that while on his break, he and his 

PewDiePie revealed that while on his break, he and his wife, Mariza, went on vacation to Japan. PewDiePie didn’t really give a reason for why he left in his previous video, only saying “I just feel like I need to do this. I need to do this.” And of course, it wouldn’t be a PewDiePie video without some tasteless jokes, so it didn’t take long for him to joke about Coronavirus. ” He revealed that it has banned from China.


Despite not uploading anything for over a month, PewDiePie channel didn’t suffer while he was gone. According to social Blade his account continued to garner millions of views a day, and his subscriber count only continued to grow. His channel didn’t stop growing in his absence.

Currently, PewDiePie has over 103 million subscribers on YouTube, making him the second-most subscribed to channel on the platform, behind only T-Series. While he was not available, he continued to bring in around 33,000 subscribers a day.

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