Kibbe Body Type Test TikTok – How To Do It?

The recent TikTok test to attract enormous attention of the video-sharing platform is the Kibbe Body Type Test and users cannot get over it. Here we have provided all the details about what the Kibbe Body Type Test is all about and how to be part of this TikTok bandwagon.

Besides the TikTok challenges and trends, the TikTok tests too are an ultimate way of entertainment on the platform. Though these tests are not readily available on the video-sharing app, they somehow manage to go viral on the platform.

From tests that help you determine your love to the ones that let you know your celebrity parents, TikTok if filled with several fun tests.

The recent tests to go viral on the platform were ‘What human emotion you would be’ and the ‘Child Trauma test’. Some of these tests are just created for the purpose of entertainment while there also are some which are meant to create awareness. In its either form, TikTok tests get a lot of attention from the users.

The recent test that is making rounds on TikTok is ‘Kibbe Body Type Test’ and the majority of users find it difficult to take up. To help all those users who find this test difficult below we have gathered all the details about it. Have a look!

What Is The Kibbe Body Type Test On TikTok?

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The majority of TikTok tests are quite easy to be part of. All you have to do is find the website link of the test and answer a few questions to have your result. But this time, the users have to do a little hard work in order to be part of the Kibbe Body Type Test.

This test is based on the body system defined by the image professional David Kibbe. The aim of this test is to determine the balance of your yang and yin features. The users who have more yin features are believed to have a soft and curvy look while those having more yang features will have sharp and angular lines.

To perform the test accurately, you have to follow the below tips:

  • Take a full-length picture wearing a swimsuit sans pattern. A picture taken at the chest height would be a plus.
  • The picture must not be a selfie nor should it be taken with a timer.
  • Take a paper and pen for recording accurately.
  • A preferred picture must be a natural face a smiley face is however optional.

How To Do The Viral Kibbe Body Type Test On TikTok?

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Once you have taken a photo following the above tips, you will be required to answer the below questions:

1. How long is your vertical line? 

a) Long

b) Moderately long

c) Moderate

d) Smallish

e) Petite

2. What is the shape of your shoulders? 

a) Narrow, Sharp

b) Blunt, Broad

c) Even

d) Sloped, tapered

e) Sloped, rounded

3. How long are your arms and legs, and what shape are they? 

a) Elongated, narrow

b) Elongated, broad

c) Moderate, evenly proportionate to your torso and height

d) Small, somewhat short

e)Small, very short proportionally to height and torso

4. What are the size and general shape of your hands and feet?

a) Long and narrow

b) Large and broad

c) Moderate, neither large nor small

d) Small, narrow, delicate

e) Small, slightly wide

5. What is the overall shape of your body?

a) Long and lean

b) Broad and tends to have a muscular look

c)Moderate, proportionate

d) Shapely, soft hourglass (not extremely defined)

e) Rounded edges, lush, clearly defined hourglass shape

6. What is the shape of your bust/upper torso? 

a) Flat, taut, small

b) Wide and broad, but still small

c) Moderate, even

d) Curved and Shapely, full

e) Prominent, Busty

7. What is the shape of your waistline? 

a) Elongated, “boyishly tapered”

b) Elongated, but broad

c) Moderate, slightly defined

d) Very small in comparison to your waist, hips, and shoulders

e) Slightly defined, but still broad and has a round quality

8. What is the overall shape of your hips?

a) Straight, narrow, tapered

b) Fairly straight, slightly tapers in, but also slightly wide

c) Moderate, in comparison to bust and hips

d) Rounded and shapely, more pronounced than waistline

e) Extremely soft and rounded

Test Questions Continued

9. How would you describe the flesh on your upper arms and thighs? 

a) Long, slender, lean for your weight

b) Elongated; looks muscular

c) Moderate

d) Soft, but some definition, slightly shorter in proportion

e) Very soft, slightly wide, fleshy

10. My jawline is

a)Sharp: either very pointed or angular and square

b) Blunt and slightly wide, can feel broad

c) Moderate; neither wide, sharp nor distinctly round

d) Delicate, tapered/sloped, slightly narrow

e) Rounded, softly broad

11. What is the shape of my nose?

a) Sharp or prominent

b) Broad or Blunt, can be on the larger side

c) Moderate

d) Delicate, tapered, narrow

e) Rounded or softly wide

12. What is the shape of your cheekbones?

a) High and Prominent

b) Wide, blunt

c) Moderate

d) Delicate, narrow, with slightly rounded edges

e) Rounded, full, soft 

13. What is the shape of your eyes? 

a) Narrow, straight, closely spaced

b) Narrow, straight, widely spaced 

c) Evenly Spaced, Moderate Size 

d) Rounded or upturned, slightly close together

e) Very round and very large 

14. What is the shape of your lips?

a) Straight, narrow

b) Straight, strong broad

c) Moderate

d) Slightly full and has some roundness

e) Very full and very rounded

15. How would you describe the flesh on your cheekbones?

a) Flat, taught

b) Fairly tight or muscular; can get puffier if you put on weight

c) Moderate; can be gently soft

d) Soft and fleshy, if you gain weight your cheeks seem to get even fuller

e) Very round and fleshy

Based on the option you chose, you will find your Kibbe category.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the Kibbe Body Type Test and the accurate steps to be part of it on TikTok. Did you find this information useful? Let us know in the comment box below.

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