Is Corn Kid Dead? Social Media Rumor Debunked

Social media rumors claim that the social media sensation Corn kid is dead. However, this is not true at all. The young social media sensation is well and enjoying the best of his health in September 2022. Below we have debunked everything about this social media rumor.

No doubt, social media has the potential to make someone go viral within seconds. From Khaby Lame to the Corn Kid, there are several cases where normal people become social media stars within a matter of a few hours.

The Corn kid is 7-year-old Tariq who rose to fame on social media recently. He got immense love and admiration from social media users after his video eating corn and expressing his love for corn went viral.

After the Corn kid has risen to fame, social media speculation is upsetting his fans. The rumors claim that Tariq, the Corn Kid is shot dead in a “gang-related shooting.”

Nonetheless, the reality is totally opposite and Corn kid is alive and well. People are upset after coming across the rumor, thus we have come up with an explanation. Below is all the available detail about the Corn Boy and the rumors related to him on social media platforms.

Corn Kid Is Alive And Doing Well In September 2022

Image Of Corn Kid Is Alive And Doing Well In September 2022

The rumors about the Corn Kid being dead started to swirl on social media on 26th September 2022. Several people took to Twitter to express their grief about the young social media star’s passing.

Whilst sharing a piece of news from a media page, one user wrote, “7-Year-Old “Corn Kid” Found Dead Last Sunday In Gang Related Shooting”. The media page that revealed this news was NPR and is written by an author named Dustin Jones.

As soon as the news was found by social media users, it spread on the internet like wildfire. The news has confused several people and they have shared their sorrow on Twitter.

If you are among these fans of the Corn Kid, who have come across this piece of edited news, you don’t need to worry anymore. The kid is completely fine and he hasn’t even gotten involved in a gang-related shooting incident. This is just a rumor that has made people upset for no reason.

Who Is The Corn Kid?

Image Of Who Is The Corn Kid

After doing a little more research we have come to know that the piece of news that confused several users was actually edited. We have found the original article whose headline reads, “Meet South Dakota’s new corn-bassador, a boy who recently found out that corn is real.”

The article further explains Tariq’s journey to becoming a social media star in no time. Tariq was adored by millions of social media users from across the globe. He is loved for his honest reaction to learning that corn is real.

As Tariq has got attention over social media, several people want to meet him and tell him more about corns. Among them, is the South Dakota Department of Tourism. The department has revealed that they want Tariq to explore South Dakota’s two largest industries, tourism, and agriculture.

In a note, the South Dakota Department of Tourism wrote, “As part of naming Tariq a South Dakota Corn-bassador, we wanted Tariq and his family to experience a combination of South Dakota’s two largest industries, tourism, and agriculture.”

After coming into the spotlight, Tariq has got to visit several new places and has got the opportunity to learn more about corns.

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The Final Words

It is now safe to say that the Corn Boy, Tariq is not dead and he is living the best of his life. The information about his passing is just a social media rumor.

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