Update For Kulan Sports Users in Somalia

Kulan Sports is very popular in Somalia which has millions of users in the country. For the past few hours, kulan sports is trending on different social media platforms.

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Well the reason is, it is not working for the past few hours. Many of the app users are desperate to know what is the problem with it. So here we will discuss this problem which is trending.

What is Kulan Sports Problem?

People are tense about the app because it is not working for the previous several hours. And the official website of the concerned company is showing an error. It says, “we are under maintenance, please access our services through our mobile app”.

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It is also noted that the people who are using mobile apps are facing the same issue. So, it is not working for them as the app is not even opening.

Update for Kulan Sports App Users

On its official page, the company has stated the issue. The statement is in Somalian language and its translation in English is,

“The app services shall be back online at noon. Users are advised to stay calm and wait for the best.”

According to the source, their team has sent an Email to the company and they are waiting for the response from concerned authorities. So they will update the users as soon as they got a reply from the company.

Kulan Sports in Detail

It is a facility for the people of Somalia who love gambling. It has two main requirements, first, you should be registered with the Kulan Sports and secondly, you should have an electronic money transfer service account, such as EVG, Sahal, or Zaad.

To start betting online on this platform, there is a need to have a minimum deposit of US $0.50. the participant has to predict the results of two matches correctly to win the bet. In case of winning the participant will have to wait for at least 40 minutes to get the reward into his or her account without notification.

According to the people, the betting habit is becoming an addiction. They are hit hard economically after started to gamble on this platform because they lost more bets than winning. Some say they had even borrowed money from their friends to pay for necessities.

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The company’s owners have managed to hide the identity of their company. Still, they have found a way to do business by dealing with the main money transfer service providers in Somalia. On its website, the company directs customers with a Hormuud-operated telephone number which is 3093.

But some Somalia based telecommunication companies block access to online betting shops, which includes 365.com. In 365.com for betting credit card or debit card is a prerequisite.

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Betting is considered illegal almost all over the world. But still, some people manage to participate through illegal means. Kulan sports Somalia app is providing a better platform for gamblers living in the country. But from the past few hours, the app is not functioning and everyone related to it is in desperation to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

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