My Most Precious Wife Novel Chapters Read Online

Here we will talk about the novel My Most Precious Wife. This is a Chinese Novel about two people, Emily Gale and Hunter Jackson. Their life connections and the menacing plots of the people around them. Read Online or give it a try from PDF, each chapter of this novel is equally immersive.

If you are mistreated by the very people you least suspect how would you react if given a second chance? Will you expose them? Or just manage to steer your way, only protecting your interests?

My Most Precious Wife

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A rewind button is set for the female lead of this novel story. She is conscious of what has happened to her before. She knows every plot, every act that was laid to discredit her. Condemned to hell in the previous life with no chance to present her case.

But this time the knowledge of the past and what is to unfold next is with her. Her innocence, which people took advantage of, is now her most lethal weapon. How will she fight her just case? An intriguing story with plot twists that unrealistically real.

My Most Precious Wife Novel

This is the story of Emily Gale and Hunter Jackson. Here you will find a simple and benign girl named Emily Gale who is at the doorstep of youth years. Today is the happiest day of her life. She is getting engaged to the most handsome and powerful man in the city Hunter Jackson.

When you are getting lucky, there will always be someone around you who will be burning with jealousy. So, there is someone in her vicinity that does not want this to come through. And the person with such as wish is none other than her own elder sister.

She feels begin more talented and beautiful she herself deserves to be with this man, not her ugly good for nothing younger sister.

Hunter Jackson and Emily Gale Novel

The elder sister has a plan, she cannot just stand back and watch her sister grab the best man. Thus she manages to give her younger sister an excitement inducing drugs. Later two men are sent into the room. The whole family finds out what has just happened.

The younger sister is caught with men above her. This is the most embarrassing thing for the whole family. Despite all this humiliation, the fiancé still decides to tie the knot with this girl. This is because he cannot reject this engagement, as it is the ailing grandmother’s wish.

Thus despite the sinister attempts Emily Gale and Hunter Jackson become husband and wife much to the disappointment of the evil sister. A drug addict, a smoking girl would never get accepted by a man who is meticulous about everything.

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The successful conclusion of the marriage does not mean everything is good. The actual days of struggle have just begun for the poor Emily Gale.

 With each passing day, the screw on her neck will be tightened. Soon she finds out her husband has not married her to consummate the marriage. Hunter Jackson just wanted to fulfill the wish of grandmother and that is all.

Still, she hopes, he will find out the truth and return to her someday. All she will do is wait. She believes her husband will forgive her for the sins she has not committed. While the enemies are busy at solidifying her image as a bad girl, she is just a passive optimist in the My Most Precious Wife.

My Most Precious Wife Chapter

In the next chapters, you will find out that Hunter Jackson is oblivious to all the conspiracies. In fact, he has totally bought the concocted stories hatched by the sister-in-law. Emily Gale cannot bear this maltreatment anymore.

She decides to get separated from her husband. The disappointment gets the best of her and she thinks it is better to say goodbye and get out of this hopeless life.

Is the horrendous plan of the sister finally seeing the day of success? Will she get what she has been planning so far?

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My Most Precious Wife Read Online

If you are interested in finding out how the story unfolds next, you will have to read each and every chapter. Read online or from a PDF version. This novel brings us how blind trust can bring us down.

This lite novel is characterized by vivid descriptions of characters and scenarios. With an immersive storyline, the Emily Gale and Hunter Jackson story has an immersive plot. You will find each and every chapter revealing and full of drama.

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