Lion Hunter Eaten Alive Story Real Or Fake? Instagram Story Debunked

Instagram users are looking to know if the lion trophy hunter is eaten alive story is real or fake as the story is trending on the platform. The story is making rounds on the internet since January this year so we decided to dig out the truth behind it. Below we have gathered all the available information about the lion hunter eaten alive story and whether the story is real or fake. Keep reading to get everything you need to know.

Social media is home to thousands of controversies. Considering the fact that controversies get engagement on social media, content creators opt for a controversial topic. And unfortunately, algorithms of all social media platforms prefer engagement ratio over legitimacy. It means that false information spreads on the internet faster than the truth.

Sometimes, such fake videos sow doubt and mistrust among users. What is concerning is, the majority of social media users rely on social media content as the source of news and information.

One such story that went viral on Instagram claimed that a trophy lion hunter was eaten alive by a lion, as the video has gone viral on the platform, users are looking to know whether it’s fake or real. To help all the users get information about this story, below we have gathered all the details.

Is Instagram Trophy Hunter Eaten Alive By The Lion Story Real Or Fake?

Image Of Is Instagram Trophy Hunter Eaten Alive By The Lion Story Real Or Fake

The Instagram trophy hunter eaten alive by the lion story is not real, it is fake. Yes, you heard it right, the story is not real at all. However, the way it was reported on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms made the users tricked into believing that the story is real. As per the story, the Instagram line hunter was killed by the brother of the lion that he hunted.

The rumor takes its roots back to a viral Instagram photo featuring a hunter posing with a lion he hunted in South Africa. The photo didn’t settle well for the social media users as they thought it was unfair to hunt an endangered animal.

Time went by but the rage among the social media users about that viral Instagram picture remained the same.

At the start of the current year, a rumor started going viral claiming that the trophy hunter was eaten alive by the brother of the lion he killed earlier.

Many animal activists shared the story saying karma is real. However, the story was not real at all!

Trophy Hunter Gets Eaten Alive Instagram Story

Image Of Trophy Hunter Gets Eaten Alive Instagram Story

The viral ‘Trophy Hunter Gets Eaten Alive Instagram Story’ was all fake. It was just a punch line that content creators to grab the attention of social media users. As the Instagram picture was already viral, they knew already that any sort of story related to that picture would go viral. This was the reason why the story got immense attention from the users.

Multiple content creators used the story to get the public eye and they actually got success in their planning.

As multiple content creators shared their opinion about the story, the story got popular on social media. Fake footage of the story was also being shared on the platform that actually belongs to a ‘Viral Video Experiment’ filmed many years ago. So, yes, the footage attached to the story was also fake.

Without knowing the truth behind the video, users have relied on it blindly.

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The Bottom Line

This was all the available information about the viral Instagram story, ‘Lion hunter eaten alive’ and whether the story was real or fake. Hopefully, you have found all the details you were looking for.

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