Meaning Of April 2022 New Moon — Explored

The new moon of April 2022 will rise on March 31 and April 1, and it holds a spiritual meaning. If you are someone who believes in the spiritual world, the new moon of 2022 may bring some extraordinary energy into your life.

Revealed by astrologers, the new moon of 2022 is special for multiple reasons. One of the reasons why millions of people are anxious about the new moon is, it will mark the beginning of the astrological New Year. If you have missed out on your resolutions on January 1, you are getting another chance.

The rise of the April 2022 New Moon is the second-best chance for you to start a new beginning. The new moon of April 2022 is coming with several positive energies, so, roll up your sleeves and think about your aims and goals one more time.

Here is more you need to know about the April 2022 New Moon and its spiritual meaning.

What Is The Meaning Of April 2022 New Moon?

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As per astrology, New Moon is believed to be kick-start the new lunar cycle. According to some well-known astrologers, the rise of the new moon is the best time for people to start working on their new projects. Be it business projects or the beginning of your career, the rise of the new moon is always the best time to begin. This period may also be the best time to begin new relationships.

Talking about the spiritual importance of the New Moon, Lauren Ash, an expert astrologer said:

“The new moon brings us a cosmic clean slate perfect for realigning our goals, resetting our intentions, and manifesting new opportunities.”

You must also be informed that Aries is the first zodiac sign for the new astrological cycle, the New Lunar year calls to develop the attributes of being competitive and unapologetic.

Revealing what the new moon cycle demands, astrologer Ryan Marquardt added, “Aries isn’t concerned with anyone else, so this is a time to be spiritually selfish and whole-heartedly in love with yourself.”

April 2022 New Moon Timing

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Talking about ways to use the Aries new moon’s energy in the most productive way, Astrologer Marquardt further added,

“Fire manifestations can be really quick at this time. Just light a candle, stare into the flame and meditate on what you want for yourself.”

Another tip the astrologer suggested is to recite affirmations while meditating. He revealed that following the practice of reciting affirmations can help you boost your confidence.

The next tip these astrologers provide is, to start acting upon your goals during this phase. For example, if you are willing to apply for your dream job, do it now. If you are looking for some LinkedIn connections, act upon them now.

Another tip is to start practicing journaling. The astrologers have revealed that this tip can also be highly effective.

Well, as far as the timing of this new moon is concerned, the new moon will rise to shine brightly from Thursday, March 31 into Friday, April 1, at the exact time of 2:24 a.m./ET/11:24 p.m. PT.

So, it is now the time to act upon your pending goals. Start pursuing them now as you will get plenty of positive energies in your journey.

If you are looking to start your dream job, start working for it now. Looking to start a new life with someone you love, is a perfect time. The only suggestion is, Mediate while reaffirming your goals.

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The Last Words

This was all about the meaning of April 2022 New Moon and its spiritual importance. Hopefully, you have found all the essential details you were looking for.  

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