Muyan 66 Tether — Is It A Legit Deal Or Not?

Muyan 66 on Tether Apps is making rounds on the internet and users are suspicious about its legitimacy. If you are sailing in the same boat, here is all must know.

After becoming quite popular on the internet Muyan 66 server is down and users are unable to access the site. Most of the investors are worried as they are unable to find any clue about why the site has suddenly disappeared and why they are unable to contact the concerned authorities.

In this article, we will explain all available information about this site, its performance, legitimacy, current status, and user reviews. Keep reading to know all information about this site.

What Is Muyan66

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Muyan66 is a newly established website that claims to help you earn free USDT every 1 hour. To start mining, you need to register your account in Muyan 66, to do so, register using your mobile number. Once you get registered with them, create your account and secure it with a strong password. While doing this registration process, you will receive a security captcha, enter it and your account will be activated.

If you are invited by any of your friends, you have to enter their invitation code. If you haven’t received an invitation code you may enter this code (oHUQCZ).

Once you have completed the registration process, you will witness two sections inside the app. As reported by the website, these two sections are the main areas where you can earn USDT. The first section is termed Daily Mining, where you can earn free USDT every 1 hour. To start mining, you just need to click the Tether logo.

The second way to earn USDT is via virtual trading. Here, you can trade BTC/USDT. You can predict the BTC?USDT price from 1 minute, 15 minutes, 30 min, 1 hour, and a day. By clicking on the transaction button, you can easily make a transaction.

How To Earn Tether Muyan66

As the website reports, you can withdraw your earned income by adding the withdrawal address. To add the address, first, click on your profile picture and then tap on Withdraw. Here, you will witness “TR20”. There will be many TR20 addresses available for you. Copy the address and then paste it into the tab that reads add withdraw address. Now, proceed with the withdrawal process if you have an available balance to withdraw.

The website further urges to double-check the TR20 address before they are added to the TETHER APP. If you have done any mistake, you will not receive any funds. You can also check the financial details that are available in your account.

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Is Muyan66 A Scam

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Muyan66 was doing quite well for so long but now the users are unable to spot it anywhere. The majority of them believe that the site has scammed them and the website wasn’t a legitimate one. As they are unable to spot the site, most of them have rushed to online platforms to post a review about it. Here are some of the reviews from TrustPilot.

One user said, “Muyan66 LINK IN TETHER is a SCAMMER!! OUR INVESTMENT BECOME DONATIONS ON THEIR PERSONAL WALLET!! THEY SCAMMED 9K PLUS PEOPLE”. Along with rating the deal with a one-star, another user posted, “Can’t open the site now. And the mentors are gone”.

Another user has expressed his aggression for the site in the following review, “GIVE BACK OUR MONEY OR WE WILL SUE YOU! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!! WE WILL NOT STOP UNTIL W FIND YOU!! TAKE THIS THREAT SERIOUSLY!! I SWEAR TO GOD, WE WILL FIND YOU!!”

Final Verdict

After probing on various platforms about the Muyan 66 link on Tether, we have come to the conclusion that it was a scam that has tricked thousands of users. Hundreds of users who have experienced the site have shown red flags.

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