OmniSD Download — How To Download It On Jio Phones?

Looking for OmniSD Download? Well, you’re reading the most relevant article. This piece of writing will guide you through the download process of OmniSD on your Jio phone. Specially launched for KaiOs devices, OmniSD is a third party Aplication that is developed by Banana Hackers.

Initially the application used to support KaiOs devices only but later it is being used by the Jio phone customers as well. OmniSD allows the Jio Phone users to use android applications on their simple mobile phones. This application has enabled the customers to enjoy TikTok, Facebook and WhatsApp on their simple mobile sets.

In order to get clear understanding of OmniSD, you have to learn about KaiOs firstly. KaiOs is basically an operating system that is developed for low budgeted cell phones. This operating system was developed by Firefox few years ago.

OmniSD install

Image Of Install OmniSD

Before going into the details of OmniSD Download/Install process, users are recommended to check the list of phones that support the OmniSD application. For your convenience below is the list of all Devices (Different Brands) that support this application:

Nokia 8110 4G                        Nokia 800 Tough                     MTN Smart S 3G

Nokia 2720 Flip                       Alcatel cingular Flip 2             Alcatel Cingular Flip 2

Alcatel Go Flip 2                      Alcatel 3088                            Energizer E241/241s

Positivo P70S                           Orange Sanza                          Nobby 231

Tigo Kitochi 4G                        CAT B35                                  Jio Phone

Jio Phone 2                              Energizer H280s                      Energizer P280s

Energizer E220/E220s             Energizer H242/242s              Orange Sanza 2

Orange Sanza XL                     Alcatel A405DL                       Alcatel Go Flip 3

BLU Zoey Smart                      Doro 7050                               Doro 7060/7070

Hape Online                            Jazz Digit 4G                            Maxcom Mk241

Sigma X-Style S3500 sKai        Vodacom Smart Kitochi          Accent Nubia 50K/60K

Africell Afriphone                   Multilaser ZAPP                      QMobile 4G Plus

Techno T901                           Telma Wi-Kif3G+                    Telma Wi-Kif 4G+

WizPhone WP006 4G              Zantel Smarta.

Above was the detail of devices with which OmniSD Download can be done but you should also remember that the process of installation and utilization is totally different for every device.

OmniSD Download For Jio Phone

There are a number of Jio phone devices which support OmniSD Download in it. You may also check the list of supported Jio phones later. The method for installation isn’t quite simple as sometimes you may lost all the data from your phone. So, you need to be vigilant while going through the process. To get the OmniSD installed in your phone, you can follow the below procedure.

Firstly, Download the OmniSD App on your phone.

Directly export it to your SD card, or just Copy and then paste the App into the internal storage of your phone.

Reboot your phone to the recovery mood, once you get into the menu you will find two options both saying “Apply Update”

You have to be vigilant here, if you have saved the application in your internal storage click the second option and if it’s in your SD card then you have to select the first option.

Once you have selected the option, it will take you to the SD Card or Internal Storage, where the App is located.

Now select the file > flash the file > go back to the main menu

Go to receovery mood again and reboot your device

Switch on your phone and you will get the App in your App’s menu.

After getting it done you may also need 3 files to install Android Applications on your phone. These files are :, metadata.json, update.webapp

The list of supported Jio Phones is as follows,

F30c                 F101K              F120B              F211S               F221S               F250Y              F271I

F10Q                F4IT                 F50Y                F6IF                  F8IE                 F9OM              LF2401

LF2402             LF2403             LF2403N          F300B              F30C                F101K              F120B

F220B              F211S               F221S               F250Y              F271I               F10Q                F4IT

F50Y                F617                F8IE                 F90M               LF2401             LF2402             LF2403

LF2403N          F300B

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Final Remarks

OmniSD Download will enable you to enjoy various android application on a very low budget. But you should also know that there are different versions of this application for different devices so you should do a little research to know the compatible software for your device.

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