“TELPECON” People Are Doubtful That Is It Real?

TELPECON stands for The Less Privileged Coordinators Network is a consortium of Nigerian NGOs, CBO Initiatives with over 44million membership nationwide and a registered body with Corporate Affairs Commission with registration number CAC/IT/No. 124228 under the Trustees and Allied Matters Act 1990 and EFCC SCUML Certificate which focus on empowerment of the less privileged and entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

In this article I will let you know about telpecon grant. It is an NGO which aims for poverty alleviation. Like to educate the children and give financial grants to the poor sectors.

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What Is Telpecon?

TELPECON is a Non-Governmental Organization (owned by foreigners). Which wants to help some people out from poverty each person entitled to get 2m, and the money will be paid before the end of the month. The sole aim and objectives of telpecon is to fight poverty in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Through the Empowerment of women and youth in our society, to support them through grants for entrepreneurial engagement, especially those who considered as rural dwellers. It aims to empower the less privileged in every geo-political zone.

Telpecon works to build houses for the less privileged

To create job opportunity for widows, youth and adult

Provide free Health Care Service for the Less Privileged 

The authorities have shared their views in this way.

The governor, who represented his Senior Special Adviser on Special Duties, Uwakwe Azikiwe expressed happiness over the efforts of the TELPECON. It works in putting smiles on the faces of the youths and less privileged in Nigeria in general and the South East zone in particular.

Is Telpecon Real?

Initially they asked for the payment of a certain amount of money and then they assigned any designation in Telpecon, non-government fund grant assistance. Next they will start disbursement of money to the benefices.  When people asked to follow   the same procedure they agree at first. What made them doubtful is they ask if the telpecon is real?

Research revealed that it is a scam. They started as SEM grants in 2016. After sometimes they have caught. Due to this fact, they evolved again by changing their name. Their victims are greedy and gullible. The Vice Chairman, Executive Board of Trustees, Prof. Elizabeth Praise said, “The organization is ever ready to empower the less privileged. We have been doing it in our various NGOs and we will continue to do it in TELPECON”.

Mamah also said, “We have got approval for the payment of the grant that we have been waiting for since years back. What remains now is for the fund to drop into our account so that we can start the disbursement process. I assure you, by the special grace of God, the grant will be ready before this year runs out.”

. Enugu State government and some foreign donor agencies have joined hands with the Less Privileged Empowerment Coordinators Network (TELPECON), the umbrella body of registered non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Nigeria to empower 44 million Nigerians.

It has its own official website but that does not necessarily mean that it is really there to do what it boasts that it aims to do. Why would an NGO grant people with millions? It also doubts many people that they ask new members to give their details as well as bank information.

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Telpecon can be a good initiative for the empowerment of people. However, all the information written above is collected after a lot of research. We just shared facts based on research. We are not meant to promote it.  Further, we will be sharing more about this in future as well. Keep visiting our page for the latest updates.

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  1. When is the disbursement talking place
    Cause I can’t imagine
    Ever since
    The promise us money
    We are still waiting for it

    Please if it real

    If not real let people know

    God will bles you all

    If you let us know the truth


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