One Chip Challenge: Limited-Time Product by the Pique

You may have heard of challenges on social media, some are easy to perform and some require courage to do. Pique has again come up its most exciting One Chip Challenge with a new recipe for the world’s hottest chips.

How anxious you are to eat something very spicy. Well, everyone can’t do that, especially children. Spicy food lovers can happily participate in this challenge.

Now we will discuss what this challenge is all about and what can happen after participating in this challenge whether it risky for us or not.

What is One Chip Challenge?

Image of One Chip Challenge

The old tortilla which is pitch black features heat from the Carolina Reaper Pepper got an update this year with the inclusion of scorpion pepper and Sichuan peppercorns which gives a dazing feeling in your mouth.

This is called one chip challenge because the aim is that when you eat a bite or nibble off the chip and see how long you can wait without eating or drinking something while your mouth is burning with spicy flames. Record this process and post it on social media to share it with others.

One Chip Challenge 2020 can be found at participating retail stores all over in the country including Kroger, 7-Eleven. And also you can find it online at, the suggestion price for one chip is $6.99. This is a limited time product, which comes once in a year.

Can You Die from the One Chip Challenge?

It is evident that many challenges involve life risk, that people can get a serious injury or even die while performing different challenges. Well, it depends on the nature of the challenge.

When we talk about one chip challenge death rate, not a single case has been reported so far from any part of the country. Not even any serious case is caused by this challenge.

But before participating in this challenge, consider that the chip comes with a warning to either wear gloves or wash your hand with detergent after handling the chip and to keep it away from the children.

And also remember that it can cause your stomach pain after eating the chip because of its immense spicy nature.

The Response of the Challenge Participants

Many people have participated in this challenge. You will find several videos on social media, in which participants of this challenge sweat like hell after eating one bite, even some scream in despair. Some can’t bear the heat of chips and quickly inhale something to get rid of this extreme discomfort.

Many of the people are not happy with the price of this chip. That one had to pay almost $7 for one chip to participate in this challenge.

If you are a lover of spicy food, then you can participate in this challenge easily for sure. Order or buy the chip, make a video while eating the bite and share the video on social media with others and see what reactions they give to your performance.

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One Chip Challenge as usual before has come up with an exciting challenge of eating a spicy chip. This year the recipe is different and the price for the chip is $6.99. You are advised to take precautions to avoid mishaps. Yes, if your stomach can’t accept much spicy food then this is not for you. Also, keep this product away from children.

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