What Do you Know About October Horror Movie Challenge? Explanation

Maybe you people have heard about October Horror Movie Challenge. If not, then here you will get clear about this. It is one of the internet memes that seems everywhere, which started almost 8 years ago.

This challenge is all about watching a horror movie every day throughout October every year. And for your surprise, people make this challenge a trend by sharing their full month plan of watching horror movies.

What is October Horror Movie Challenge 2020?

As already mentioned above, this challenge is based on watching horror movies each day in October every year.

Like before, this year many people have made plans to watch horror movies throughout this month. And one more interesting thing is, people give different suggestions regarding types of horror movies to watch.

However, it is acceptable that different people have different tastes for movies, some people love to watch horror films and some don’t watch at all. Even so many people only watch horror films.

Types of Horror Movies

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When we talk about horror films there are some types and they are as under,

Comedy Horror: a genre that combines comedy and horror fiction.

Folk Horror: A true genre-defining in a process.

Body Horror: Type of horror movie which shows graphic disturbing violations of the human body.

Found Footage: In this, some scenes are based on some real horror found footage.

Holiday Horror: films that are set during the holidays.

Psychological Horror: Psychological fiction focusing on mental, emotional, and psychological states to frighten unsettle and disturb the audience.

Science Fiction Horror: mainly includes alien invasions, mad scientists, etc.

Supernatural Horror: contains footages of supernatural horrors like ghosts, demons.

Teen Horror: films revolving around frightening teens.

Zombie Horror: the genre includes comedy, science fiction, thriller, or romance involving zombies.

Natural Horror: involving threats to humans from animals, plants, etc.

Gothic Horror: It is a genre that includes fiction and horror.

If you want to participate in this challenge, then the above types will help you to choose wisely. Even you can choose two to three movies per genre and easily complete the month watching horror movies.

Suggestions for October Horror Movie Challenge 2020

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Here we will suggest some best horror movies for you to watch in the remaining days of October 2020. The list is as under.

3. Tusk

4. Tuckers and Dale vs. Evil

5. The Conjuring

6. Train to Busan

7. I am the Pretty Thing

8. Lives in the House

9. Dig the Graves

10. Before I Wake

11. Hold the Dark

12. The Sixth Sense

13. The Blair Witch Project

14. A Nightmare on the Elm Street

15. Universal Class Monsters

16. Life After Beth

17. Special Circle of Hell

18. John Carpenter’s the Thing

19. Friday the 13th

20. The Silence of the Lambs

21. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

22. Evil Death

23. An American Werewolf in London

24. The New Mutants

25. Gretel and Hensel

26. The Invisible Man

27. Zombieland: Double Tap

28. Color Out of Space

29. Ready or Not

30. We Are What We Are

31. I Spit on Your Grave

Above all are new and old horror movies listed as our suggestion for you to watch in the remaining days of October 2020.

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If you are fond of watching horror movies, then for sure you will love to participate in this challenge. Making list in advance will be better for you to choose the movies wisely. Make your list and share it with your family members and friends.

If you had watched many horror movies, then you can suggest others as well regarding which movies are best to watch this year.

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