Onika Burgers Meme Meaning And Origin – All You Need To Know

After coming across several posts about Onika Burgers meme, social media users are curious to know the meaning and origin of this viral trend. Some users are also inquiring if this burger is actually edible or not. If you are among these users who are looking to know whether Onika Burgers actually exist or if is it just a virtual thing, we have got your back. Here is everything you need to know about Onika Burgers meaning and their origin.

Social media is home to new trends and challenges. Some challenges are the craziest ones that compel you to try out dodgy things while others are just simply awesome and are meant to entertain you. There also are some trends that are totally baseless and have uncanny meanings behind them. Nonetheless, whatever the trend, users love being part of such viral trends.

The latest meme trend Onika Burgers has evolved from a post shared by Kim Kardashian’s daughter on Twitter. The post was related to North West and a sketch of Kris Jenner. And one thing that we should confirm at the start is that this burger is nothing like the Cardi B and Offset collaboration with McDonald. It is rather just a virtual burger that is not edible at all.

What Is The Meaning Of Onika Burgers Meme?

Image Of What Is The Meaning Of Onika Burgers Meme

This viral meme phrase Onika Burgers roots back to a post shared on Valentine’s Day. It was shared by Kim Kardashian’s daughter and it featured a sketch of Kris made by North. As soon as the sketch emerged on the internet, users started praising the drawing skills of Kim’s daughter. Implying that North nailed the sketch one of the Twitter users wrote, “Why she ate”.

Another user tried to break down this comment by saying ‘she=onika ate=burgers’. So, this was how the phrase Onika Burgers evolved on the internet and it later went viral online.

The real name of Nicki Minaj is Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, it is also famous about the singer that she loves eating burgers. Though there is no any specific definition of Onika Burgers, it s supposed to imply that Onika loves eating burgers.

Some users also rely on this phrase to praise someone when they excel in something. For example, a Twitter user posted a picture of Taylor Swift from the Grammys and captioned it as “Onike burgers so hard that night” which means “she ate so hard that night”. In simple words, it means TayTay killed it at the award ceremony.

Onika Burgers Meme Origin

Image Of Onika Burgers Meme Origin

Those who don’t know the backstory of Onika Burgers are wondering to know its meaning which is not easy to understand at all. People on TikTok, Twitter, and other social media platforms have revealed that they are having a tough time understanding the meaning of this viral phrase.

To understand this trendy meme, some users have taken to Twitter to ask their friends about it while others have opted to Google it.

Here is how users have responded to this tricky meme on Twitter:

One user said, “Me being people, mad = onika confused = burgers.”

Another user said, “Can someone please explain the Nicki Minaj burger meme, I’m so confused. Why Onika is eating burgers”.

“Why Onika Burgers? Please, what am I missing?”, wrote another user.

“Finally understand what Onika Burgers means. Very excited to enter a new era of Twitter comprehension,” said one

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The Bottom Line

This was all about the meaning and origin of Onika Burgers Meme. Hopefully, we are able to help you with this tricky yet viral meme from Twitter.

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