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This blog aims at providing you with an unbiased review of the ‘Pineapplz Website’ and all essential details related to this website to help you make a worthy deal. Keep reading and find out whether or not Pineapplz is a legit site.

With the number of e-commerce sites climbing at a rapid speed, bogus websites are also getting opportunities to scam innocent users.

Following the potential that online shopping websites have, crooks are rolling their sleeves up and they have created a strong presence online.

Considering this surge in bogus websites on the internet, it is quite difficult for users to identify between the legit and fake websites. Thus it has now become essential for online buyers to check for the legitimacy of websites before they invest their time and resources in them.

BurnchVirals always try its best to come up with reviews of all the trendy websites to help you make wise deals.

In today’s post, we will give you an unbiased review of Pineapplz Website. Keep reading and get all the essential information about this trendy website.

Is Pineapplz Scam?

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Before plunging into the details of whether or not Pineapplz Website is a scam, let’s check what the store offers for its customers.

Pineapplz Website is an eCommerce store that deals in a variety of products. From small products like pens to the larger ones like dresses, the store has it all.

The reason why many online buyers are getting attracted to this website is, the reasonable prices it offers. The website offers products at a lower price thus customers are not sure about its legitimacy.

Some of the major products that we were able to spot on this site include:

  • Children Clothing
  • Pencil Cases
  • Notebooks
  • Gift Boxes
  • Office writing boards
  • Clothes for men
  • Clothes for women
  • Side sliding pens

All these products are being offered at a reasonable price and users are quite impressed about it.

However, to assess the legitimacy of  this site, we have looked into the following factors of the site:

  • Customer reviews
  • Domain age
  • Social media presence
  • Website’s content quality
  • Company address and other important information
  • Company policies.

Let’s discuss all the above factors in detail.

Pineapplz Reviews

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1. Customer Reviews

To assess the legitimacy of this online site, we first looked for its customer reviews but unfortunately, we couldn’t find any. The customer reviews for Pineapplz website are nowhere to be found.

2. Domain age

One important factor that helps knowing the legitimacy of certain websites is their domain age. If the domain is old enough and had retained good customer service, it means the website is a legit one. While, if a website is a newbie and it lacks customer feedbacks, the website becomes suspicious.

In the case of Pineapplz website, the domain was registered 8 years and 7 months ago but the lack of customer reviews makes the performance of the website doubtful.

3. Social Media Presence

Pineapplz isn’t available on any of the social media platforms hence it raises suspicion about the website. The legit websites often count on their social media handles to attract new customers but this was not the case with Pineapplz.

4. Company address and other important information

The information about the website’s creator isn’t given anywhere. Another dubious point is, that there isn’t any information related to the company’s owner, its presence, and the contact number. Hence the website becomes highly suspicious.

5. Company policies

The company policies are also vague and they may baffle the customers because they haven’t provided any complete detail. The delivery policy, return policy, shipping policy and refund policy is also not available on the site.

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Final Verdict

Based on the above information, we have come to the conclusion that the website has more negative points than positive hence it isn’t trustworthy.

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