Fabarrival Customer Reviews — Unbiased Review [June 2022]

A trendy saree website titled ‘Fabarrival’ is making rounds on the internet and users are looking for its customer reviews. The reason why people are looking for the reviews on this website is, that the store is a newbie and customers want to confirm its legitimacy through the reviews. Here in this article, we have provided all the details about ‘Fabarrival’ so that our readers can make a worthy deal.

Shopping online was never this popular until the Covid pandemic hit the world. As people got restricted to their houses in the lockdown, they were forced to shop online rather than visit the traditional markets. The experience remained so awesome that people now have permanently shifted to online shopping.

Although online shopping comes with multiple positive aspects, it has become a difficult task to reach legit websites. Following an increased number of scam websites, it has now become crucial for users to run research before making a deal with any online store.

To help our readers get the best products, we always come up with unbiased reviews of websites. Following our tradition, we are here again with the review of the Fabarrival website. This blog includes all the information related to Fabarrival and its customer reviews. Read till the end and find every essential detail about this popular website.

Is Fabarrival A Legit Website?

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Before diving into whether or not Fabarrival is a scam, let’s first understand what the store has for its customers.

The Fabarrival website is dedicated to providing a wide variety of trendy sarees. All the sarees available on the website are offered at reasonable prices and this is why the website is attracting Saree lovers from across the globe.

Some of the major varieties of Sarees that you will be able to find on the website of Fabarrival include:

  • Cotton Silk Sarees
  • Soft Silk Sarees
  • Kanjivaram Silk Sarees

To help you know whether or not Fabarrival is a legit website, we have accessed the site based on the below factors:

  • Domain Age
  • Social Media Handles
  • Trust Score
  • Contact Details
  • Customer reviews
  • Website Policies

Let’s discuss each of the above factors in detail to dig out the legitimacy of this trendy saree website.

Fabarrival Reviews

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1. Domain Age

The domain for the Fabarrival website was registered on 26th March 2022, thus it is just a month old now. Newbie stores often lack credibility and experience thus, it would be risky to finalize a deal with the site.

2. Social Media Handles

Most businesses these days rely on social media to attract customers but this is not the case with the Fabarrival website. The store is not available on any of the social media handles which is quite strange. It seems a red flag.

3. Trust Score

In the trust index the Fabarrival site has garnered just 2% trust score which is again a poor score. This would be a risky deal to rely on a site that has a lower trust score.

4. Contact Details

The website has provided an email address alongside a contact number. However, the physical address of the website is nowhere to be found.

5. Customer Reviews

We were unable to find any customer reviews for Fabarrival on their site. However, we were able to spot some negative reviews about the site on some other platforms.

6. Website Policies

The website has provided all the policies underlining the shipment, return, payment, and refund policies.

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The Final Verdict

Based on the customer reviews of Fabarrival, its domain age, and lack of social media handles, we would not consider this site to be a legit one. Hopefully, you will consider all the above information about this website before making any deal.

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