Porcelain Challenge TikTok – Is It A Real Trend?

The foryou page of TikTok is being swept away by a new challenge called, the ‘Porcelain Challenge’, but users have revealed that it is not a real challenge at all. TikTok users have revealed it as a joke but some people have started jumping on to the trend without knowing its reality. Here is what the Porcelain Challenge on TikTok is all about and why are users suggesting reporting the videos that talk about it.

TikTok is a huge box full of trends and challenges. Some of these challenges are meant to entertain users while others have made the users land in great trouble.

Ever since TikTok has emerged as a popular social media platform, we have witnessed dozens of dangerous challenges go viral on the platform. From the blackout challenge that asks the users to hold their breath until they blackout to the Nyquil Chicken challenge that requires the users to dip and cook their chicken in Nyquil, we have come across several dodgy challenges on the video-sharing app.

Some of these challenges have even taken the lives of innocent young TikTok users while thousands have ended up injuring themselves.

The latest dodgy challenge that TikTok users are talking about is, the ‘Porcelain Challenge’, and here we have gathered all the required information about it. Keep reading!

What Is The Porcelain Challenge On TikTok?

Image Of What Is The Porcelain Challenge On TikTok

Before talking about the phrase ‘Porcelain Challenge’ let us first confirm that this is not a challenge at all. A few users are talking about it to make it go viral besides that no videos attempting any such challenge are spotted on the video-sharing app so far.

This phrase started to become the talk of the town after a TikTok user Sebastian Durfee whose handle goes on TikTok as @childprogeny, rolled a video revealing the trend to be real.

He captioned his video, “Help me make videos with the hashtag #porcelainchallenge to freak out the boomers.”

Sebastian Durfee further continues in the video, “Do you think if we plan it together to boomers to freak out about a fake TikTok challenge and what if we call it the Porcelain challenge and we say like “Oh, Gen Z is like grinding up their parent’s china into a fine powder and snorting it.”

The purpose behind this snippet was to make everyone believe that this trend is a real thing on the app.

Is Porcelain Challenge Real

Image Of Is Porcelain Challenge Real

Sebastian Durfee’s video was not the only thing that made users believe the legitimacy of the trend, there also is a fake Fox News report flaunting across the discover page of TikTok.

The News is fake, we have confirmed it already, but below is what the News headline says:

“What’s the Porcelain challenge? A new TikTok trend encourages teenagers to snort powder chinaware.”

As soon as these videos are being uploaded on the video-sharing app, several other users hopped onto the bandwagon and started rolling videos whilst sharing the hashtag ‘#PorcelainChallenge’. This has added to the popularity of the trend and everyone on social media is talking about it.

Though some people are trying to explain that the trend is not a real thing, these videos are rather aiding the popularity of the challenge.

To tackle such situations and to keep your loved ones safe, you are requested to report all the videos that talk about such challenges. Make sure you are playing your part as an informed social media user.

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The Bottom Line

This was all about what the Porcelain Challenge on TikTok is, and why is this phrase making rounds on the internet. Hopefully, you have got an idea about this dangerous challenge.

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