Retro Play TikTok — Find Your Most Viewed Videos

As we have almost made it to the end of this crucial year, the TikTok users are having Retro Play TikTok fever. No doubt the year was totally different and difficult from all the previous years, but TikTok did not disappoint us during this Pandemic year. The viral trends, challenges and filters have somehow made this year bearable.

Since yesterday we have seen an amazing inclination of users towards a new trend that says, Retro Play TikTok. Though the trend has just begun, but it seems like it is going to go so far. Retro play is a new Application launched on 9th of December.

It allows the users to share a glimpse of their year featuring some amazing videos they shared on their accounts. This application is currently available on App store and Google Play store. You can easily download this application if you want to share your whole year’s experiences in a single video.

This application was previously used by people on Spotify and Instagram as well. Spotify year in review lets the users to see their top tracks and related stats in the video. Further, the Instagram uses have also used this application to see their top most posts of the year.

To make a video of your Insta, TikTok or Spotify posts using the Retro App you need to add your user name firstly. It will provide a pop up for user name once you open the app. The app will now let you see your 10 most viewed video in case of TikTok.

Then you can select 5 seconds reel from each video that will create your Retro Play. The video will also feature some Stats including your total number of followers, total views and overall likes over the whole year.

What Is Retroplay TikTok

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Retroplay is a new trending application that tells you about the overall likes and views you got in the whole year. It will also specify your most viewed TikTok Videos. Want to know how the application works? If yes, then let’s dive into the details.

To find out your most viewed videos on TikTok follow the below instructions,

Firstly insert your user name and hit the create button at bottom of your screen. Then head towards the tab that says “Highlight Reel”.

Retroplay will now generate a result that will be comprised of your top 10 most viewed videos.

You have to select any of the four videos from the collection of 10 videos.

Once you have finalized the videos, tap on each video to get into your TikTok account directly. Then save all those 4 videos to your camera roll.

Then you will be provided with some empty boxes, right next to the video on the Retroplay app.

Upload the selected 4 videos to the empty boxes provided.

It will now generate a Highlight Reel. You can now share this Highlight to any of the social media platforms.

The application will also help you to figure out the most-viewed creators and most-viewed videos of the year. All you need to do is add the user names and you will get to see the biggest hits of TikTok from the Covid Year.

The app performs a similar function like the Facebook feature, Facebook Highlights. Facebook has launched this feature few years back. It enables the users to see their most liked posts and also the number of friends they have made during the year.

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Concluding Remarks

This was all about the trending topic Retro Play TikTok. Hope the article has provided you all the details related to the application and the viral trend. Let us know with your comments if the article was helpful or not.

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