What is Savage Love Dance TikTok? Jason Derulo’s New TikTok Song

Nowadays, social media platforms are packed with entertainment content, which includes videos of dancing, lip-sync, song lyrics, mimicry, memes, challenges, and many more. In this article, we will discuss a viral dance which is known as “Savage Love TikTok Dance”.

Social media platforms especially TikTok have made it possible that anything can become viral and anyone can become famous anytime. TikTok is mainly used by the young generation, who are known as generation Z. It has more than 800 million users all over the world. You can post a video of size one 15 seconds to one minute on TikTok.

Savage love dance moves once again are in headlines over the social media. The moves got so much popularity that it made its way to other social media platforms as well. Now we will discuss this viral dance on TikTok.

Image of Savage Love Dance Moves

What is TikTok Savage Love Dance?

For the people who don’t know, savage love dance is one of the best TikTok dances of 2020. It was flourished on TikTok as #savagelovedancechallenge and has grabbed just near 50 million views. And it was attempted by almost a million users. So these are quite huge numbers for anything to achieve on social media.

The song Savage Love which is (Lax – Siren Beat) a song, sung by Jawsh 685 and Jason Derulo. Jawsh 685 is a music producer from New Zealand, and Jason Derulo is an American Singer.

After its release on 11 June 2020, it got the attention of the TikTok users worldwide and become famous. On TikTok everyone started making videos on this music, even many of the social media stars had made a video on this savage love instrumental beat.

So, you can guess the popularity of this savage love dance, that you find several savage love dance tutorials on YouTube. If you are not familiar with the dance then what are waiting for, just search it on YouTube and get the moves. Make your video and share it with your friends and family to get love and views.

Image of Savage Love Dance Tutorials

“Savage Love” Jason Derulo’s New TikTok Song

Recently, Jason Derulo has released a new track called ‘Savage Love’ and most importantly the beat is already popular in the TikTok domain. The video of this song features Derulo, Jawsh 685, and their crews including some of the dance moves stirred by the song on TikTok.

Jason has been ruling with a series of skits and dance challenges on TikTok. In some of them, his model girlfriend Jena Frumes has also been featured. Many of the social media users have criticized him for using the same beat from the TikTok.

Earlier this year, Derulo’s single ‘Savage Love’ peaked at number 11 on the Rolling Stone’s top 100 best songs chart. Derulo has originally released the song without clearing the sample with the producer. And this issue was settled later.

Although Jason was in talks with the Derulo to remix the track it seems he didn’t wait until the deal was done between both artists.

According to a source, “Jason wanted a beat for a record. He wanted the song to be a Jason Derulo song with Jawsh as a producer.”

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Since TikTok is mostly used by young people, they go crazy over unique content. Savage love beat has attracted millions of TikTok users. Well, when you hear the beat, for sure you will fall in love with it and start moving your body. Jason Derulo has again come up with a new TikTok song with the same beat with which TikTokers are already familiar.

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