What is Skull Breaker Challenge on TikTok? Its Origination and Consequences

TikTok is one of the best platforms to find entertaining content. If you are a TikTok user, then you must come across videos in which TikTokers performing different challenges. Well, some challenges include fun and mind games, but some of the challenges are dangerous to perform. Yes, we are talking about Skull Breaker Challenge on TikTok.

On social media platforms daily a new challenge becomes viral, like drop your smiling picture challenge, drop your beautiful daughter challenge, the ten-year challenge, Kiki challenge, and many more. Millions of social media users post their videos accepting the challenge to share with their loved ones.

TikTok is one step ahead among others, where the TikTokers come up with different challenges almost daily. these days a new skull breaker challenge is talk of the town on the internet. Let’s talk in detail about this notorious challenge.

Image of Skull Breaker Challenge TikTok

What is Skull Breaker Challenge on TikTok?

People who don’t know about skull breaker challenge TikTok, it aims to get a person to fall back onto their head. Well, this new challenge is a dangerous stunt to perform as it can cause serious injury.

In this prank, three persons participate, in which they stand in a straight line and are asked to jump together up in the air. Earlier to this, people on either side agree to kick inward the legs of the middle person to get him imbalance and make him fall. That can cause spinal, head, or wrist injury to the falling person.

Where this Challenge Started?

According to Yahoo, this challenge originated from Spain, but particularly this troubling video came out of Venezuela demonstrating the brutality of the prank.

Yahoo mentioned it as, “One viral video out of Venezuela, in particular, demonstrated how can sustain an injury from the stunt — dubbed ‘Rompecraneos’ in Spanish, meaning skull cracker — when the student fell on to the back of his head on the ground outside of his school.”

Image of What is Skull Breaker Challenge

Reactions on Skull Breaking Challenge

TikTok said, “We don’t allow content that encourages or replicates dangerous challenges that might lead to injury. It is the violation of our community standards and we will continue to remove this type of content from our platform.”

It also added, “this challenge is not funny and since we remove that sort of content, it certainly would not make you TikTok famous.”

And it told the BBC News, there was now text underneath #skullbreakerchallenge. “Reminding users to not imitate or encourage public participation in dangerous stunts and/or risky behaviors that could lead to serious injury or death.”

In New Jersey, the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office said two children had been charged with third-degree aggravated assault and third-degree endangering an injured victim after an incident involving the prank.

According to the Washington Post, a thirteen-year-old boy from Camden is in the hospital after the prank.

Some TikTokers themselves have started posting videos warning others to not take part in any suck kind of challenges as they have serious consequences.

How to Warn Children Against Such Harmful Challenges?

Well, this is a serious issue, and every parent should think about it. Such types of challenges are circulating on different social media platforms.

If your kids have their smartphones or computers, then you must have eyes on your kids’ activities. Asked them regularly what they are doing on their entertaining gadgets.

Even educate them to not take part in such harmful activities. And before they attempt to do any such challenge, show the results.

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Since social media platforms have become part of our daily lives. People post on social media everything they do in their usual life. But sometime you will find unusual content on social media. Like some pranks and challenges which cause harm to the performers. You should avoid participating in such activities as well as guide your loved ones to abstain from such activities.

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