Sock Curls TikTok — Here’s How To Get The Perfect Curls

Girls gang on TikTok is going crazy after watching the viral Sock Curls TikTok video. It is something they have never heard before. Want to know more about it? Well, you are on the most relevant space. Keep scrolling and learn some hacks to pamper your hair.

Most of the people consider TikTok as a useless application. Usually it is said that, once you open the application there is no going back. You will keep scrolling and at the end you will realize that you have wasted many hours watching useless stuff.

To all of them who agree with this opinion have to check this trending Sock Curls TikTok. Besides the dance moves and funny prank videos, TikTok creators also come up with useful content. There is an ocean of information but it all depends on the user that how he deals with it.

Currently, a TikTok user has rolled a video, that tells an amazing hairstyle hack which requires no money or time. It also doesn’t harm your hair. Keep scrolling and know what TikTok girls are up-to.

How Do You Do TikTok Sock Curls?

Image Of How Do I Get My Natural Curls TikTok

Though we have seen plenty of hairstyles on TikTok before but the Sock Curls TikTok is just incredible. While scrolling through the Tokfeed, I got my eyes stuck on the beautiful pink hair curls of @Allisonkayy.

This TikTok user has shared the easiest yet worthy hack for some gorgeous hair curls. Though the video was quite brief but all I could saw was some socks hugging her hair tightly. Later she removes the socks from her hair and ends up with some eye catching hair curls.

As soon as she uploaded the video, it went viral and people started pouring thousands of hearts and comments on it. Most of the users requested her to make a detailed video tutorial curling her hair with the socks. As per their request, she came up with another video with a detailed step by step explanation.

What attracted us all was the fact that she wasn’t using any styling product to get the hairstyle done. The tutorial also looked so simple and it doesn’t require much effort. All you need is some socks with a length equal to your hair, a hair clip, and some rubber bands to ties the hair in the end.

After seeing the video, so many other users came forward to try the hack. They shared the results and most of them were happy with the end results.

How Do I Get My Natural Curls TikTok?

Image Of How Do You Do TikTok Sock Curls

Getting some classy curls using the socks is quite simple. Initially, you have to grab some important stuff that you commonly use. You will need some pairs of socks, a hair clip and some rubber bands. Also remember that the hairstyle works only if you let the socks on for a whole night. So you have to apply this hack right before going to bed.

Firstly, grab a sock and stick it on your hair using a hair clip. Following this, separate your hair into small sections and hold a single section in your hand. Split this section and start folding your hair around the sock in a crisscross way. It is as simple as you if you are making a hair braid. Once you are done with wrapping, tie a rubber band at the end and remove the hair clip.

You have to follow these steps for the remaining hair as well. Leave the socks on throughout the night and sleep peacefully. After getting up in the morning you will witness the magic.

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Bottom Line

The Sock Curling tactic is the easiest and safest way to get some awesome hair curls. You don’t need any expensive hair products or hair damaging curlers to get the job done.

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