Sprite And Banana Challenge — Another Bizarre Challenge

Have you seen people participating in a weird challenge named as Sprite And Banana Challenge? Want to know how harmful is this challenge for human health? If yes, then keep scrolling. This article is based on all details related to its requirements and consequences.

Internet is full of weird challenges; some of them are so dangerous that they might even harm you genuinely. We have seen so many similar challenges on the famous TikTok application as well. Some challenges have leaded the users to hospital beds while others have lost their lives.

A recent challenge known as TikTok Blackout Challenge has killed a 10 year old girl. The challenge asks the users to tighten a belt around their neck and resist as much as possible. The challenge is also called as hanging challenge on the video sharing application.

Upon attempting this challenge, poor 10 year old girl lost her life. Besides this there are many more challenges that have troubled millions of users. Some of these dangerous challenges include skull breaking challenge, eating cereal while lying down, dropping a coin between your phone charger and the electricity supply board (It creates a huge blast), using glue to appear your upper lip larger etc.

These challenges have made serious consequences on lives of many users. A similar challenge is currently viral on Internet that asks the users to eat a banana followed by a glass of sprite. The challenge is quite dangerous so we would suggest you not to participate. Following paragraphs will explain why should one avoid this challenge.

What Is Sprite And Banana Challenge

Image Of What Is Sprite And Banana Challenge

The Sprite And Banana Challenge is just another addition to the list of dangerous challenges. As we all know that drinking sprite right after eating a banana is quite impossible. Now, there are some crazy people out there who don’t like to be told that something is impossible. A group of such fanatical people has added fuel to this challenge.

To show their strength, so many people have already participated in this challenge and they have faced some serious consequences as well. The proceeding paragraphs will explain how the Sprite And Banana Challenge is harmful for human health. Keep reading!

Sprite And Banana Challenge Rules

The rules to complete this challenge are quite simple. Following is the list of tasks you will need to fulfill.

  • You have to eat 2 bananas
  • Drink a can of sprite right after eating bananas
  • Eat bananas quickly, don’t pause
  • The last person to vomit will be the winner

How To Do Sprite And Banana Challenge

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Completing the challenge might not be difficult but the consequences surely are! While you eat a banana, it supplies protein to your stomach while the cold drink will add a lot of carbon dioxide. As the human stomach is quite warm, the carbon dioxide becomes less soluble due to its characteristic of remaining insoluble at higher temperature.

The gas bubbles from Carbon dioxide will make a fast escape and the protein provided by banana will coat the escaping bubbles. Consequently, massive foam will start to accumulate in your stomach that you might not be able to get out by just burping. It will somehow make its way towards your mouth and everything inside your stomach will come out.

Though there isn’t any information about causalities associated with this challenge but the challenge may pose other risks that might harm the participant’s health.

Here is another dangerous challenge from TikTok Blackout Challenge

Concluding Remarks

Taking internet challenges seriously might be more harmful than you can ever think. So, we would suggest the users to do a bit research before falling prey to such insane challenges and pranks. Parents are also advised to keep check on their young children.

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