Finding Nemo Challenge — All Details Provided

BitLife players are again having a challenge to accomplish this weekend. Finding Nemo Challenge revolves around completing a set of tasks. Want to know the requirements? Yes? Well, you have opened the most related article. Keep reading and know about all the requirements to clean sweep this new challenge.

BitLife has just announced about its new challenge from its official twitter account. The post says “Just keep swimming. Bitizens, the Finding Nemo Challenge is LIVE!” This new challenge revolves around the popular Pixar film, Finding Nemo. If you are a Pixar Fan then this challenge is especially designed for you. Roll up your sleeves and jump into the game field.

The challenge asks the players to complete 5 tasks that might not be a big deal. All you have to do is to follow the right steps. Let’s check the requirements of Finding Nemo Challenge and its details. Keep scrolling!

What Is Finding Nemo Challenge

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Finding Nemo Challenge is a new challenge rolled out for BitLife players this weekend. The challenge requires completing 5 different tasks. Following is the detail of requirements you will need to work on,

  •  Firstly, you have to start off while living in Sydney
  • You have to become a dentist
  • Players will need to release one goldfish at least.
  • Then you will need to have a daughter and name her “Darla”
  • Last requirement is to take a boat to sea

All the above tasks are really simple to accomplish all you need to consider is “Time” and “Right Step”. Let’s dig in deep to known how each of above tasks can be completed.

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How To Complete Finding Nemo Challenge

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Live in Sydney

The first step to give a kick start to this challenge is to start your new life and set your birth place to Sydney, Australia. There is no any hard and fast rule for selecting a gender. You can select any of the gender. The set birth location can also be changed later.

Be a Dentist

The second task to complete is becoming a dentist. While selecting the career, players will need to check “Dentist” as their choice. You also have to keep check on your intelligence as it requires 80 to 100% intelligence level to cope with your career choice. It is because doctors need to be smart.

Make sure to be a good student at school and score good grades. Once you graduate from the high school, select biology as your major subject in university. You can apply for any scholarship or simply ask your parents to pay your fee. After graduating from college, get admitted in Dental School. Once you graduate, look for related jobs and be a dentist.

Release a Goldfish

Once during your life, go to the Pets section and go to the Pet Store and look for a Goldfish. Once you find it, purchase it and then head towards the pets option and release the Goldfish.

Have a Daughter Named Darla

The second task you have to complete is to have a daughter and name her Darla. To complete this task, start a relationship, get married and have children. Continue having children till you have a daughter.

Take a boat to sea

To accomplish the last task, you will need some money. Open the “Activities Tab”, then select the “License” option. Get a boating license and go to your assets section and select the option “Go Shopping”.  Find a dealer and purchase a boat and take your boat for a ride by taping on the Assets menu.

Concluding Words

That’s all form the new Finding Nemo Challenge of BitLife. Use the comment box below for any further queries.

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