Stars On Snapchat Map — What Do They Mean?

If you are a regular user of Snapchat, you might have noticed the Stars on Snapchat Map around your friends Bitmoji’s. You might also be pondering to know what these Stars on Snapchat Map say. Read on! because this article will answer all your questions.

In 2017, Snapchat introduced one of its most popular feature, the Snapchat map. Since then the Snapchat users have experienced so many changes in the Snapchat map.

The Snapchat surprises its users by introducing different features in its Snapchat map on every occasion. Did you experience the Snapchat Halloween map few days back? If not, then you may read about it here. Snapchat Halloween Map.

If you have turned on your location, on your phone then you might get caught by your friends. Because the Snapchat map allows your friends to locate you just with a single swipe. If you are using Bitmoji then your friends also might know what you are doing at a certain location.

What Are The Stars On Snapchat Map

Image Of What Are The Stars On Snapchat Map

If you are a regular user of Snapchat, your friends might see your Bitmoji wearing Sunglasses and surrounded by some yellow stars on Snapchat Map. The stars indicate following two things.

  1. The person having stars around his/her Bitmoji, uses Snapchat Map a lot.
  2. The person uses Snap Maps very frequently.

The stars are example of a Snapchat feature, known as Actionmoji. It means that your Bitmoji will be seen doing certain activities. For example, if you are driving somewhere then you Actionmoji will appear driving. And if you are having coffee then your Actionmoji will appear holding a cup.

Most of the Snapchat users have shown disappointment towards the Snapchat Map feature. According to them it has disturbed their privacy. While some of users have shown satisfaction towards it as it makes easy for them to locate their loved ones. For the ones not willing to be located there is only one solution. You can just turn off your location and it will make you invisible on the Map. This is known as “Ghost Mode” on Snapchat.

What Do The Stars On Snapchat Map Mean?

Image Of What Do The Stars On Snapchat Map Mean

Snapchat Map is a new way to explore the world. It allows the users to see what is going around them. It may also inspire the Snapchatters to go on an adventure following their friends. Further, it enables you to see where your friends are posting from. Most of the Snapchat users name Snapchat Map as friend locator. Because you can easily locate your friends using this Map.

The recent update you might have seen on Snapchat Map are the Stars around your Bitmoji. The yellow stars will appear with your Bitmoji if you send Snap maps frequently. The Snapchat Stars are just Snapchat’s way of letting people know that you are on Snap Maps a lot. Further, the Stars around your Actionmoji lets your friends know if you had a busy day on Snap Map or not.

If you don’t want to be located you can activate your Ghost Mode. Most of you might not know how to get the Ghost Mode on, so here is how you can turn it on.

Open your Snapchat Map.

Open the settings

Turn on your Ghost Mode.

You can control the time span for being in Ghost Mode as well.


Socializing has become really easy in today’s world. So many social applications have enabled the users to stay connected all the time. As every advancement has its own pros and cons, Snapchat Map has been proved as a threat to user’s privacy. The users have claimed plenty of times that Snapchat Map isn’t much reliable because it can be used to track information about you.


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