THE STICKLERS MIKE AND KAT: Story of Adorable Family on TikTok

Currently, we can say that it has become a tradition to share beautiful moments with your family and friends on social media. You can see social media platforms are overwhelmed with the amazing content shared by millions of people around the world.

In this article, we will share details of a family highly active on social media. Who is known as THE STICKLERS MIKE AND KAT on TikTok?

Since, Social media platforms have become a part of our daily routine matters. People post every type of videos of what they actually do in their lives. TikTok is one of the prominent social media applications these days. There are more than 800 million active TikTok users all over the world. On TikTok, you can post short videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute.

On TikTok, anyone can become famous in no time. You have to post unique content then you will have millions of likes and views on your post in no time. That is because people on social media love to watch unique videos.

The people who don’t know who are The Sticklers, after reading this article you will get all information about this adorable family.


On TikTok one of the biggest accounts right now is family TikTokers. Where they post everything about their daily life, which is something adorable to see.

When we talk about family TikTokers, The Sticklers are leading the chart on TikTok. they have had a fabulous romance and they are showing it to the world through social media.

Basically, The Sticklers are a TikTok family from Florida, USA, who have more than 408 thousand followers on TikTok and they had posted just 89 videos so far. On their account, the parents’ Mike and Kat usually post comedy and prank related videos with their baby daughter.

They had become popular in just a few months that they had started to post videos on this account in May 2020. Their videos have views in million, so you can guess their popularity on TikTok in a short time period.

Image of THE STICKLERS on TikTok

After getting success on TikTok, recently the family had also started a YouTube channel with the name The Sticklers Mike and Kat. So far they had attracted just below 2 thousand followers and will increase with time. You can also find them on Instagram with a user name @MikeandKat. They have more than 60 thousand followers on Instagram as well.

Personal Details of Mike and Kat

As life events are unpredictable, we don’t know what will happen with us in near future. We can just plan for our better future and work according to our plan. But sometimes life has different plans for us that we don’t know.

Similarly, The Stickler family has the same erratic story. According to their initial TikTok videos, after three months of they started dating, they found out that they are pregnant. So they quickly get married and started living as a family.

Afterall, Mike and Kat have a rare relationship that it started so quickly. They are loved by their fans, which you can extract from the comments on their videos on different social media platforms.

At the end, may Mike and Kat remain always happy and prosperous, as they are making their followers happy through their adorable family post on social media.

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Social media applications are the best platforms to share your happiest moments with your loved ones. Through this, you can save these cheerful moments forever. And At any time in the future, you can easily reflect on the moments as they are safe there on social media forever. Have a beautiful life and spread the message of love and emotion to all admirers living in the world.

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