Thirst Trap Meaning On TikTok — Explored

Every now and then TikTok users encounter new words that have a hidden meaning behind them. A similar word, ‘Thirst Trap’ is confusing the users on TikTok, thus we have explored its meaning. Here are all the possible meanings of the trendy word ‘Thirst Trap’ on TikTok and all other social media platforms.

TikTok has its own collection of acronyms and slang terms. And with each passing day, the list of acronyms and slang terms keep adding to the list.

For users who join the app for the first time, often get baffled by the short terms they encounter on the foryou page. To help such users, we always try our best to explore the meaning of slang trendy terms from all social media platforms.

In this article, we have explored the meaning of ‘Thirst Trap’ which is currently hitting the Foryou page of TikTok. Have a look!

What Is The Meaning Of Thirst Trap On TikTok?

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Are you encountering the slang phrase, ‘Thirst Trap’ over and over again on your Foryou page? Curious to know its meaning? Well, get ready to absorb its meaning as the phrase ‘Thirst Trap’ has a dank meaning.

The term ‘thirst trap’ often comes with ‘sexy’ videos.  It means posting a “Sexy” video of yourself to make the audience thirsty for you. This video trend and slang term is a way to get instant likes, followers, and views.

The videos that have an element of a thirst trap are often seen getting more engagement, likes, and views. Some videos creators have declared the thirst trap as a way to instantly boost their self-confidence and make them feel better.

Users on TikTok have captioned their videos as ‘Thirst trap’ to let the audience know the nature of the video. For example, one user shared a video along with the caption, ‘Sorry for the thirst trap at the end’.

So, if you are planning to share a sexy video of yours, caption it as ‘Thirst Trap’, for better reach and engagements.

Thirst Trap Meaning

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Here is what The Urban Dictionary has to say about the trending phrase ‘Thirst Trap’.

Number One: Thirst trap can be used to refer to any sexy photograph or flirty message posted on social media with the intent of causing others to publicly profess their attraction. This is done not to actually respond or satisfy any of this attraction, but to feed the poster’s ego or need for attention, at the expense of the time, reputation, and sexual frustration of those who view the image or reply.

Usage: “Hey guys, are these shorts too tight?”

“Screw off with your thirst trap.”

Number Two: Thirst Trap usually refers to a Sexy Video or Photo of someone posted to turn viewers on, which can be fan-made. Usually hot but not explicitly smutty. NOT P0*N. Ex: Hips, head jerks, kind of revealing clothing, lip biting, or smirking.

Usage: Bro, I just spent the last thirty minutes watching (enter person or celeb here) thirst traps.

Number Three: The thirst trapper is someone, who is an expert in thirstology.

He/she is a person who provokes, instigates, or initiates thirst from the opposite sex but, at the precise point when it seems you must/will have your fill, blocks the quenching of said thirst by a diversion.

That damn H is such a thirst-trapper. She had this dress on, her body was looking nice and she came to my house. I was just about to bust it wide open and then, somehow, the next thing I knew she was gone.

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Last Words

This was all about the meaning of Thirst Trap on TikTok and other social media platforms. Hopefully, you have got all the required details about this trendy phrase.

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