Why Is Instagram Not Showing Story Views — Explored

Instagram users have flooded Twitter with complaints that Instagram is not showing story views. Here we have explored all the possible reasons why Instagram is not showing story views.  Have a look!

Instagram users seem troubled right at the start of the New Year. Thousands of users have taken it to Twitter following a glitch in Instagram stories. Well, this is not the first time Instagram users are reporting a glitch, it has now become an everyday story for the users.

Just recently, users have reported a new glitch that is not allowing them to keep track of their story views. The glitch is affecting users from all around the world.

Now, why is Instagram not showing story views and how to get it fixed? Here is what we know about this glitch so far.

Why Are Instagram Stories Not Showing Story Views In 2022?

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It has now become a ritual for social media users to report their problems and errors on Twitter. Following this tradition, users have poured Twitter with their complaints following Instagram stories. They have inquired if their fellow Instagram users are encountering or not.  Not all, but most of the Instagram users have agreed that their stories are not working properly.

According to the complaints made by Insta users, their stories work until they create a new story. Once posted, the story is not showing the story views. The story views remain zero, even after several of their followers view it.

The glitch is being reported by both android and iPhone users. When users tap on the ‘views’ option, they get greeted by a blank white page. However, people have claimed that their stories are still getting replies which means their followers are viewing what they have posted in their story.

Users are getting even more frustrated following Instagram’s silence about the glitch. One person wrote on Twitter, “I can’t see the views on my Instagram story and it’s driving me crazy.”

Another said, “So is Instagram gonna let me see who views my story or let me continue to believe it’s 0 & that everyone hates me??”

“Something’s wrong with IG? My story views are not showing at all”, wrote another.

While one user Tweeted saying, “This Instagram bug where story views aren’t visible is annoying”.

Instagram Not Showing Story Views

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Instagram users are waiting for a reply from Instagram as the app hasn’t responded to any of the complaints made by them.

So far, it seems like it is a technical glitch, about which Instagram will be informed. Until Instagram comes with a permanent solution to glitch, here are some possible fixes for your Instagram story views.

Number One: Relaunch the Instagram app

Check if relaunching the app helps you get rid of the glitch. On iPhone, you can do this by swiping up on your homepage.

Number Two: Log out of the app and log into it again

Some users have reported on Twitter that, logging out of Instagram and re-logging into it has helped them get rid of this glitch. So, this fix might help you also. If it still doesn’t work, hop on to the next fix.

Number Three: Delete Your App

Delete your Instagram app and re-download it from the app store. The issue might prevail in outdated app versions, so install the latest version of the app.

Number Four: Restart your phone

You may also try your luck by restarting your phone. If none of these fixes work, wait for Instagram to resolve the issue.

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Last Words

This was all about why Instagram is Not Showing Story Views and possible solutions to this annoying glitch. Hopefully, you have got all the details you needed to know.

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