TikTok Videos Are Not Showing Up – How To Fix?

TikTok content creators are in trouble as their videos are not showing up on the Foryou page and they are not getting any views. Following the issue, users have poured Twitter with their complaints but TikTok has not come up with an explanation. Until TikTok comes up with an explanation, let’s look at a few potential fixes to get views on the videos.

For a platform with having user count of more than one billion, it is not a surprise to encounter glitches and errors. All social media platforms keep going through major outages several times a year. From Facebook to Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok, all the major social media platforms go through glitches. Even though it affects the user experience, social media apps have no control over them. After all handling billions of requests, each second is not a piece of cake.

Well, currently, TikTok is making headlines on the internet for all bad reasons. The users are reporting that their videos are not getting any views. This has become a major concern for content creators as all their hard work is going in vain.

Here we have broken down everything about why the TikTok videos are not showing up and some potential fixes to get rid of this issue.

Why Are TikTok Videos Not Showing Up?

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TikTok users started reporting this issue on Twitter on Tuesday (October 18). Users have expressed this displeasure as the app is not working properly.

Content creators have reported a long long list of errors. From video processing issues to getting zero views, they have reported a lot of issues. Some users have even claimed that the platform has wrongly put their videos under review.

It is not a common problem that occurs on the video-sharing app. Normally, the videos reach the Foryou page as soon as they are posted on the platform. But this time, nothing is working well. The videos that content creators are posting are not hitting the Foryou page and they are showing zero views on them.

A few users have concerns that the videos are not even appearing on their own handles even after they have finished publishing the video.

Ever since the issue started troubling the users they have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure. Here is how users have reported the issue on Twitter:

One user wrote, “Is anyone’s TikTok posting videos to their own page – but they are not showing up for others??? I have tried on multiple accounts and the videos I just posted are NOT showing up!”

Another said, “I’m so confused. I have 2 videos I uploaded to @tiktok_us 3 hours and 1 hour ago. They both have 0 views, 0 comments, and 0 likes. The image on the right is from my friend’s TikTok. Why are my videos not showing up? They’re uploaded on both my phone and my desktop”

“Sooo is Tik Tok down for anyone else? My videos aren’t getting any views and they’re not showing up on my friend’s accounts” wrote another user.

How To Fix TikTok Videos Not Showing Up Issue?

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Despite hundreds and thousands of complaints made by users, the TikTok team has not talked about the issue. As the issue has affected several users we assume that something is wrong at the server’s end. And we are hopeful that the video-sharing team will soon fix this issue.

Although there is not any official fix to the issue as of now, you can try the below potential fixes to get rid of the TikTok Videos Not Showing Up Issue:

Update Your TikTok App

The first potential fix to get rid of the No Internet Connection Error is to update your TikTok app. If your app is not updated to its latest version, your app may misbehave. So, make sure that you have updated the app to its latest version.

1. Make sure you are using a stable internet connection

One possible reason for this error may be poor internet connectivity. You can fix it by restarting your internet router. Also, you can change the router to check if it works.

2. Uninstall And Re-Install Your TikTok app

One potential fix to the TikTok videos not showing up error is to reinstall the TikTok app. Uninstall the current app and reinstall it to check if the issue gets fixed.

3. Clear The App Cache

The error may also be the result of your bulk app cache. Clear the cache to check if the issue gets resolved.

Besides the above potential fixes, make sure your app is free from redundant files and is updated to its latest version.

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The Bottom Line

As of writing, TikTok has not addressed the TikTok videos not showing up issue, but we are hopeful that the issue will get resolved soon.

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